Friday, December 18, 2009

The Customer is always not Right!!

I am sure this is always the case when the company takes side of unreasonable, demanding and an angry customers instead of you. I do not believe that this is the sign of a loyal employee.

The customers are always not right for your business

One man who was a frequent visitor of a shop in southwest. He was always disappointed with each and every aspect of that shop's operation. He was often called as the pen pal because whenever he used to come into the shop, he used to write one complain in the customer feedback book.

He didn't like the fact that the shop owner didnt assign any seats for elderly people in his showroom. He didnt like the idea of serving hot dogs inside the shop, he was not satisfied with the billing procedures of the shop and lastly he was not happy with the performance of the shop attendants there. He had to complain in every small issue related to that shop.

His last letter was directly to the CEO of the showroom which went to his desk with a note: 'This one is for you Mr. CEO'. The CEO of the showroom Mr. Koller replied him back with a note which said, "Dear Mr. Roger, we will definitely miss you. Love Koller."

"The Customer is always Right" is a phrase that was introduced in 1909 by Harry Gordon Selfridge who is also the founder of the departmental store called "Selfridge's". The phrase is used by businesses to :

1.) To make sure that all the customers get the best services from the employees.

2.) To make sure that the employees are giving the best services to their customers.

But in the recent years this concept seems to be absconding because this is leading to a bad customer service.

I wanted to share with my readers the top 4 reasons why The customers are always not right:

1: It gives a negative impact on your employees

I remember when I went to Texas I met a person called Mr. bethune. He was the owner of one of the best fast food center in Texas called "Humble food hub". He believed that the phrase customer is always right is actually wrong. Whenever there was any conflict between his people and the rude customers he always used to take side of his employees.

There is always a possibility to get back a loyal customer but there are always very less chances of getting back a good royal employee. He always used to say that ,"just because you are buying food from our shop and paying us that doesnt mean you will abuse my people."

The foot fall in his shop per day is around 10k and out of those 10k there is always a chances that one or two customers will be demanding jerks. It is your employee who is working for you and not that rude jerk. He never treated his employees like serfs. He knows how to value them. He never allows an environment of resentment in his restaurant.

2. It gives demanding customers an unfair advantage

If you keep on using the slogan "The Customer is always right" in front of your customers, it will give them a right to do whatever they feel like. They will start demanding just anything. At this point of time the job of an employee becomes more difficult.

Abusive customers get better treatment that nice employees. So it is always advisable that be nice to nice customers and be bad to bad customers.

3. Not all but some Customers may be bad for your business

The business owners often feel that more the customers more is the business. But some customers can actually be bad for your company.

I have read this story of a American IT service provider called ServiceGopt. It said, that one of their technicians went to one of the customers house for maintenance task and the customer treated with her very rudely. She finished her task very calmly, returned office and told the entire story to the management. They went ahead and canceled the contract with that customer.

Just like Koller who dismissed that irate gentlemen from coming to his shop, similarly ServiceGopt fired an irate and rue customer. After all it was a matter of dignity and self respect of a female employee.

4. It often results in bad customer service

Roseworth Travel Services took it even further. CEO Sara Roseworth wrote an excellent book called "Your customer comes after your employees". She argues that when you put your employees before your customers there will always be an healthy environment in the office. If employees are happy and satisfied, customers will automatically start feeling satisfied.

Employees who are always happy will provide better customer services at work because:

  • They have a habit of caring people, especially their customers
  • They are always energetic
  • They will interact with them in a better way
  • They are more motivated to work
But if the customers are put before the employees then it clearly indicates that :

  • Employees are not values properly
  • treating employees fairly is less important
  • That employees do not get respect from the customers
If this prevails, employees will stop caring about good service.

So put your people at first and let your people put the customers first.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Some Black Friday Tips on Wacky Thursday

I am just in love with these crazy named days like Black Friday, Shipping Monday, Cyber Monday, etc. I decided this time that I will move away with these days but you know it is kind of hard and difficult for a finance blogger like me. So I decided instead of avoiding it I will share some of my personal tips with all of you regarding Black Friday.

I have decided that I am gonna hit at the noon time this year and see what happens though I really avoid all these dramas. I am sure even this time best buys gonna make some huge income tomorrow. Lets see what happens.

So now lets get back to some Black Friday interesting and funny Tips

You should be aware of what you need ahead of time - You should always check the stores just before the thanksgiving day. Talk to sales representatives in person and ask them which product will be reducing prices. I am pretty sure all goods are not in sale on Black Friday. The store people display them because they buy those goods in huge quantity.

Keep Your Ads with yourself - Now this is interesting. Same HP printer both Walmart and Target is selling. But Target is selling it at $10 discount. So until and unless you keep the ad with yourself as a proof wall-mart will not the match the price. So it is advisable to keep a copy of an ad with yourself.

Be a Gladiator and shop - Yes you saw it right. Place yourself in a war, a war of shopping. Consider yourself as a shopper with a mission. I will personally recommend that go for shopping with teenagers and not old people because they can run fast.

Take help from Big Boss i.e. Google - How can we forget our boss at this time. If you do not have time to go through the newspapers about the Ads, then please google it. You will get hundreds of websites with Black Friday sale information listed on Google. You can also view the websites of wal-mart and Target on Internet beforehand.

Make Friends with the Sales Associate - If you really want to get inside the scoop of everything, the most important thing is to befriend with the sales associate of the store. These sales associates are well versed with all the sales prices. They can easily get you from one department to another. Listen to their advice and then plan your shopping strategy.

The crowd outside wall-mart at 3 am last year

Just party dude - I don't think you need a reason for partying. Most of us go in a queue at 3 am but we are afraid what if we are not able to wake up. The best advice is party late night. Finish the party and run to get in to the queue.

Do not get Tired soon - After partying all night you might feel tiring and all the enthusiasm before reaching the store is dead. Do not allow this to happen. Party for sometime. Do not have too much brandy or vodka.

Choose the best crowd - As soon as you reach the store you will find at least 5-10 queues. Choose the best crowd and go and stand with your feet positioned properly there with loads of oxygen. Do not get too excited. Do not allow anyone to overtake you.

Have a back up pay plan - It might happen that you reach the cash counter and credit card is rejected. So at that point of time you should have a back up of your money. Carry some good amount of cash with yourself so that you dont feel embarrassed infront of thousand people.

Cross checking is a must - Always before reaching the cash counter do the cross checking of your list. Make sure you have purchased everything and nothing important is left out. If you miss even one thing you have to wait until next year turkey day.

You have to be very patient to stand in that queue. My goodness!!! Crazy People

Okay I guess that is more than enough for you guys. If you really find anything else out of this list please do share it with me.

The only thing you can learn from these tips is Planning. You should plan your activities before hand. This will help you in saving hours, if not dollars when you are shopping with full stamina. Most importantly enjoy thanksgiving not only with your family members but with everyone you know.

God Bless all!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our Day in the Sun

Saving for the future can be a goal that is difficult to reach when it seems that everything is getting more and more expensive and salaries seem to stay stagnant. As we grow and our family size increases, we can get overwhelmed and often spend more than expected as a result. If we are even able to put money away, it seems as though we must tap that money way too quickly for our comfort.

the best financial tools to get some instant cash is payday loans

Sometimes, we think that using our credit cards is a good idea, and it can be, but only if we are able to pay off the balance before the end of the month. This action allows us to avoid interest that accrues on that balance and it is like using cash, but with a delayed payment. This can be good for those who may need a payday loan, but do not want to have to pay the fees and interest associated with them.

Payday loans can be good for some, as they will allow you to avoid the use of credit cards, which can be easy to not pay off before the end of month, resulting in interest and late fees if the minimum payment is not met before the due date. Consumers are often lured by promotions and low-interest credit cards and often sign up for way more than they need, which can result in mounting debt, which is no good for our financial health.

Payday loans with nationalpayday is just an another reason to smile :)

By controlling our credit card use and instilling budget routines into our daily life, we can slowly regain our financial health and remain on track to successfully save money for the future. Retirement is very close for many of us and we may feel that we are just not ready to do so, but by budgeting and controlling out-of-control spending habits, the sooner we can retire to spend our later years relaxing and soaking in the sun.

Performance Pays When It Comes to Business

When it comes to some business activities, the conventional method of paying first and measuring performance last is changing. In the advertising industry, for instance, it's no longer meaningful to simply role out a large advertising campaign without first knowing what the return on the investment will be.

With traditional types of online advertising, like pay-per-click, a campaign is rolled out even before you know if it will generate any sales. Unless you have money to spare (a rare condition in this recession) or business loans for this purpose, you can end up shelling out money that never returns a direct benefit in proportion to what you spent. Take a cue from modern methods and choose strategies that will lower the risk of loss and increase performance from the get go.

Cost-Per-Action Advertising

New affiliate networks call cost-per-action networks seek to reduce the risk and increase advertising performance for its advertisers by generating sales leads from advertising activities. These can later be mined for email marketing campaigns, increasing the performance of your advertising dollars by generating a valid email of a prospective customer. Now, instead of spending a few cents for each click and generating thousands in advertising costs with little to show for it, you can spend a few hundreds and get a valid sales information that helps you market people every time an action is taken. If the action requested is never completed, you don't have to pay for the publishing of your link. You only pay for performance on that link.

cost-per-action networks seek to reduce the risk and increase advertising performance

Hiring High Performance Individuals

Another way that businesses have be lowering the cost of hiring and increasing performance is to hire on a part-time or temporary basis. With the labor pool filled with qualified applicants, hiring people on a short-term basis can be a great way for business owners to try out candidates to see if they will work out. If they don't, then they can just end the relationship at the end of the contract period and start again with a new face. This keeps performance high and lowers costs of employee staffing.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I seriously hate when people ask me about my Salary

I don't understand why people keep on asking me about my salary. Are we helping each other with any monetary transactions? Are we best friends? Are we relatives? If not then trust me it is really pissing me off. I wish I could have said this straight on the face, but unfortunately I cant. But trust I am happy in my own way.

I am always ready for open discussions related to finances but how can someone ask anyone about their salary.

It may sound a little weird from someone who keeps on writing articles on finances, but I really feel not to disclose few of my personal things like passwords and salary. The trust factor plays a very important role here. I can discuss this with my wife (I am single as of yet) but not with my friends, not even with close ones. I simply cannot trust them.

If someone comes and ask me about anything, I always welcome them. I can give them my opinion 100 % because I dont care whether you implement my suggestion or not. Maybe I do not the answer but I will definitely participate in the conversation. There are certain appropriate and inappropriate time to ask about the salary for anyone. And that is why I decided to write this post and let everyone know my preferences of when you should ask me and when you should not ask me about my salary?

Let me first discuss the Appropriate times:

1.) Human Resources: If you are my boss or my CEO, I would definitely tell you my salary figures without even hesitating (although you must be knowing it!)

2.) At Job Interviews: Please ask away! You have full authorities to do that and I have got no option that time. I have to tell you the exact figures.

3.) To my financial Adviser/consultant/Accountant: I guess he/she should know this, then only they can manage my finances well. You should never hide your finances from your accountant.

4.) when I am with my wife: She should know what I am spending on and where? Right? I guess she has full rights to do that. Always share your financial background with your to be so that there is no confusion later on.

5.) I asked you first situation: I am always open to tell you when the situation is like I have asked you about the salary first. You answer me about your figures and I will do the same.

I guess these points are more than enough when I am OK to share my salary. These are just my opinions, maybe others are not satisfied with my points (As if I care).

Now for some inappropriate times when please don't even dare to ask:

1.) When we are not talking about any monetary transactions: Why shall I even tell you about my salary when we are busy discussing about the baseball match?

2.) When I don't even know the person: It might happen that someone stands in front of your face stands up and ask you. Whats your payroll buddy? What crazy, cmon mind your own business dude.

3.) when talking with co-employees: keeping the bosses and HR aside, there are number of people who will interested in knowing about your salary and especially those who are sitting beside you.

4.) when you are traveling in a metro, train or anywhere there are hundreds of people around: I am comfortable in sharing with you but not with those hundred eyes balls staring at you. I am not at all ready for this.

I guess there is a wrong and right way to ask and also how much one can ask. If you know these points I am sure you can understand when the person is interested in answering you and when he is not.

Friday, October 30, 2009

They say Economic downturn is over. Now what?

I was going through an article by CNN which had different slide shows about the state of economy in the past years and the present condition. This post is basically to make you understand that this recession is the longest recession in the US, in fact the most grating one that US has faced since world war 2. Some kind of positive news is that the economy is actually showing some sign of improvement.

Reality Check on my Economic Fundamentals

Based on the slide shows of CNN, I would like to express my own views here. I guess the hangover is still on.

1.) Economic Growth and GDP: Not very Good, but Fair

The last growth which I saw was decent enough, but we should not be over confident in this case. I am sure lot of this is attributed to cut backs in the sectors like business, layoffs, even the stimulus plan, bailouts etc. I am still not sure about the true economic growth here. We can frame it like this way also i.e. is this growth actually justifies the correspondence recovery that we are seeing in the stock market? I know hard to answer.

2.) Situation of the Jobs: Very slow

In some locals of the US, the job loss numbers are touching the record high. But tell me this, how many laid off workers are ready to take their jobs? What I see in the US market is that people are enjoying the unemployment benefits more than anything else. They are happy sitting idle until and unless they find a job of their choice. I am not opposing this but the thing is the jobs are available in the market, but no one is ready to take these jobs. As it is they are collecting their unemployment checks.

3.) Stock Market Results: Really Ahead?

My online brokerage account is saying something else here. I have made some money with my investment recently. Anyone will think that I am so happy. But the possibilities of double dip recession in haunting me. It is a typical sign of premature exuberance. I hope at the end of the day we are not paying more than what it actually appears.

4.) Inflation: Somewhat okay

Inflation still looks tame to me. Just wait and watch, the inflation will definitely become the new Waterloo once the economy takes a big growth. At this point of time the saving accounts are creeping backups. As soon as spending takes a pace, the element of economy which appears to be good right now will become dull.

5.) Housing: Slow Recovery

Government has tried its best by offering relief to homeowners by the means of tax breaks and many other incentives. But this was folded long back when there was economic stimulus package. In some places foreclosures have been increased whereas in some areas it is still steady. Recovery of the real state market will take some time.

6.) Individual Spending: Somewhat improved

The best way to track this is that attribute few consumers who are spending on day to day basis. Keep a watch on their spending activities. It is advisable to watch a home budget right now.

My take on the whole scenario

I believe that the whole picture that has been pictured to us in a form of recovery is localized completely. There are still lot of people who are worried about their debts, credit cards, etc. I wish I could know the exact turning point of the economy.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Why Financial Institutions are learning Bad Habits from Walmart?

Here financial institutions can be anything like bank or may be any government body. And please remember that I am not talking about the customer care services of these institutions which are going down the toilet. I was just wondering why every company all of a sudden started offering imaginable services to its customers. Do you have an answer for this?

Walmart from outside

Lets take an example of a bank. They started providing services such as credit cards. As soon as credit card services became popular they started offering self services brokerage services to their potential clients. Have you heard about Etrade brokerage firm? I am sure you have. They have started a services like checking saving accounts of their clients and offer cash back credit card services which is like a very bold step taken by them.

I was just reading a magazine this morning and in one of the advertisements I saw that American Express has now started their personal savings account services and Financial Institution like Discover has started their own online savings account department. No matter what services they are offering to their clients, at the end of the day all the financial institutions will be same. There was a time when these institutions used to portray a model of knowing things well and doing it better than anything else. All in vain.

I was shocked to see this

I visited a bank (will not mention the name for obvious reasons) last weekend. Can you imagine a banker who himself doesnt have any idea about the products he sells in the bank. I went to open my business account and had to change it twice in order to know the exact account where I am not charged any fees. The banker did not provide me with any information. But I somehow found it myself only with the help of their website.

Bank of America handling more than million potential customers

The bankers act very smart. To get rid of customers like me they ask you to call the other department because they know they cannot help you in any way and it will make a negative feedback on them.

When we enter these banks for the first time they offer us some amazing services which we are not bound to avoid at any cost, but once you become their customer all the financial institutions become the same. This is now happening with all the industries including banking sector.

What do you think in case of Walmart here? They really played a safe game. First they ignited the competition and then later drove all the small stores out of this business. Superb business strategy. When it comes down to money we all have to take extra precautions.

What do you think of these financial institutions? Are you really satisfied with their performance? If not Why?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Couple of Affiliate Scams

This may be unusual but I have been noticing these things for quite a long time now. So just wanted all of you to know about it so that you don't fall in the prey of these affiliate scams.

First, Have you ever heard about Wise Rep? I am sure most of the affiliates have heard it? It is a kind of advertising where you can easily list your wholesale products along the side things, maybe like, a jeans brand. The buyer will come and find them. These buyers as soon as click on these brand's link, Guess what?? It is an affiliate link. You won't believe that for you the normal wholesaler selling the product you'd love to get into any other mega store, you have to pay at least $25 a month to get it listed there. Pheewww!!! Not digestible at all.

Secondly, I have been seeing numbers of bridal registry sites. I am not sure whether anyone of you has come across it or not? If suppose any small company has got a website and wants to be listed, they have to pay some amount of fees for it. They show you the names of big brands and then use affiliate link so that they can get rid of false advertising. I know this is not exactly a scam but it isn't the right way either.

Just imagine how will the consumer feel when he registers for the website and login. What they will discover is that their registry is not at all integrated as they have thought would look like. How will the seller feel who paying $25 a month finds out they haven't sold a single wholesale item. People do not exactly go to their site and place orders, they are redirecting to the affiliates site which is incorrect.

So that is all, right now I have found out only these two scams. If in future I found few more I will definitely list them here.

Friday, July 31, 2009

The four successful Cs of affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is giving a huge business turnover to the major business house who are participating in this business. What are the basic theory these companies are applying. That is what I would be sharing with this post. There are four major Cs which needs to be followed by any affiliate programs and I believe these Cs will do wonders for you and your program.
to make your affiliate graph like this you need to follow the four Cs explained below

Let me explain each of them one by one in details so that all of you can get a fair idea about them.

1.) The content should be written in a way it attracts visitors from all over the world. It should be written in a very simple language highlighting the main features of your affiliate program which can compel the visitors coming back to your affiliate program. If possible hire a good copywriter who can give you the best content for your website.

2.) To get the maximum number of clicks apply a good Call to Action. Try things which others haven't tried with their programs. Try to implement different kind of offers, words, colors, placements etc. The best thing you can do here is to put multiple calls to action on the page. To get the best optimized result always test your calls to action before hand. Apply the best design you can, keep your site's theme on the basis of your program. Make navigation as easy as possible for the visitors. Use words like "Click Here", "Try it" or "Buy Now" etc.

Please note : You may use several calls to action. Not a problem. But make sure you are not promoting FUD i.e. fear, uncertainty and doubt in the mind of the visitor.

3.) After calls to action, the most important thing to be kept in mind is the Click-Through process. With click-through I mean when any visitor sees a button which is highlighted there is an obvious chances he/she will click on the button to find out whats inside. Remember that a one small click can change the sales turnover and make a huge difference.

Please note : A high click through means that you were totally successful with point # 1 and 2 above. So your half of the work is done.

4.) The most important point to remember is the Conversion Rate. By conversion I mean that you are successful in an action you wanted to take place. maybe a sale or filling out any forms.

To be successful in affiliate marketing it is very important to increase the conversion rate which you can achieve only if you are successful with the first 3 points discussed above. The high conversion rate in affiliate marketing is in the hands of the merchant itself.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Witnessed the longest solar eclipse of the Century

For the 1st time in my lifetime, I have witnessed something so beautiful, so natural. I am actually lucky that I was able to witness such a thing in my life. This blog post especially for those who actually missed the chance to view the eclipse that took place today and lasted for more than 6 minutes, the longest solar eclipse ever.

The live picture that was taken from NASA today early in the morning on 22nd July, 2009.

The 22nd July solar eclipse has caused the tourist interest all over the world starting from India to China. It began in India and from there moon's shadow started turning over across the eastern Asia. The track of the eclipse crossed in the early morning in China where people experienced it for around 6 minutes. From there the track gradually started moving towards the pacific ocean.

The longest eclipse was of 195 miles that is east of Iwo Jima where people witnessed the eclipse for 6.39 minutes.

Solar Eclipse, 2009 as seen from Shanghai

This eclipse was second in the series of three eclipses in a month, the 1st one that happened on july 7 which was a luner eclipse and the other one which is yet to come is on August 6 (also a luner eclipse)

It was visible totally in the cities of India including Surat, Varanasi, Vadodara, Bhopal, Patna, Siliguri, Guwahati and few cities of China including Wuhan, Wuxi, Huzhou, Suzhou, Jiaxing etc. As per the reports came early this morning Taregana in Patna (India) was the best place where this eclipse was witnessed.

As seen from Taregana in India at 6:38 am

The next same solar eclipse will be viewed in the year June 13, 2132.

Do not miss to watch the live video which was taken from NASA this morning :

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sixth Harry Potter movie breaks all previous records

As per The Financial, the daily newspaper of New York, the latest harry potter movie, "Harry Potter and the half blood prince" has earned more than $60 million on the opening day at the theaters in US. The sixth Harry Potter movie has broken all the previous profit earning records of previous movies.

"Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix" earned around $43.7 million as per Warner Bros on its opening day couple of years back and earned around $142 million after one week which was an outstanding performance by any movie.

The sixth series of J.K.Rowling's Harry Potter series was scheduled to release in November 2008 but was finally released on 15th of this month. In Russia, the movie was released on 16th July and was hosted in more than 900 cinemas.

Earlier "the Dark Knight" was able to make records of highest selling movie on the opening day but "Harry Potter and the half blood prince" was succeeded in breaking its records too. The international earnings of Harry Potter movie was $46 million on the opening day which made the total of more than $100 million on the very first day.

This movie is seriously something to watch out for!!!

Balancing full time job with a full time degree

Last week I met a friend, Joe and we had a long discussion on how a student can balance both full time degree and full time job together. He himself is doing his PG Course in MBA and plus he is working full time in an MNC. He has shared his experiences with me which I will be sharing with my friends and readers.

All the students doesn't have the benefits of College Savings Account or balance funds which might help us for our higher studies. So what are the options we can apply in these type of cases.

I know the idea is not suitable for every student but for some it might just do the trick, i.e. to work full time.

There are many people who give us such advices everyday that is not to work when you have applied for a full time courses. But is this advice a good one or the bad one? Yes, only if, you devote your 100% for your studies and No if, you are realistic about your financial conditions. Lets face it now. Lets be practical. Do we really spend our whole day in studies??

People often discuss with me that why should I work full time when I have applied for a full time course in the University. Students have a habit of lying to themselves that they will focus on their curriculum 100%. But this is not at all true in the case of 99% students. They spend their whole day in doing irrelevant activities like spending their time either on Facebook or partying in lounges with no occasion. I would prefer working, making extra money and finishing the University with not a single debt in hand.

How to Work Full Time with a Full Time Course??

These advices are given by Joe on how he managed the full time course with his job.

1.) Optimizing your Time is very important

It is better to spend your time in making money rather sitting whole day on facebook and messengers. If you really want to get connected with your friends, then find a place to work where your friends are working. I am working in a MNC right now and when I joined there I din knew anyone there, but since some of my friends were working there, now I know everyone there.

2.) Apply for good work Opportunities

If you are giving this excuse that you are not working because you are not able to find the right job for yourself, then I guess you are looking for the wrong job opportunities. Let me discuss few ideas which might be suitable for working students.

  • Within the Campus : Receptionist, security in charge, Assistant to teachers, Administrators and every position that is within the campus.
  • off campus : you can do internship for couple of months with any media house or any shops in malls, private tutor, freelancing jobs, and any other job where you are capable of handling it.
3.) Prioritizing your work

Always keep in mind that activities of your university should be given the 1st preference. You should never spend working extra time if you have an exam. I only take off from work during my semester exams. At that period I provide my 100% to studies only. After my exams I focus 100% on my work.

4.) keep a balance between professional and personal life

You should try to take out time for everything. Everything here includes university, work, family, friends and many other important work. My girlfriend never forces me to come and party with her because she understands my values and my work. when I work I only work, but when I party, I forget everything else.

5.) Once in a blue moon is fine

Always reward yourself and plan an outing with friends or families once in two months. Go on a vacation at places where you can forget all your stress and enjoy your time with family and friends.

6.) Realize the Importance of balancing

Many times there will be nights when I will be missing loads of fun and parties, But I do not regret about it. Because I am happy that one day I will complete my PG Course with not a single Debt in my hand. I would be having enough of money to invest and save after I graduate and join my 1st professional job.

P.S. these advices are specially for those students who waste their time on Facebook, orkut and other social networking communities.

Concluding Thoughts

I am sure I haven't given any boring lectures. Its just that Saurabh is a good friend of mine and he requested my to provide advice from my real life experience. There are many students who wants to work really hard so that they can escape from the pressures of student loans, but they are not getting good jobs.

Students are facing a lot of problems as they are drowning in high debts. Often people in their 20s are making financial decisions which might not be correct and that is taking them into entirely wrong path.

I hope I was able to help at least some of these type of students in some way or the other.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

10 Minutes, 10 Months, 10 Years

Whenever you need to make a tough and quick decision, what you require is loads of guts. Have you ever thought of checking your reactions before applying for such guts. When we make a tough decision how can we so sure that we are making the right decision.

I just completed reading this book called "10-10-10" by Suzy Welch in which she has offered some simple formulas called 10-10-10 which encourages value based decision making in short, mid and long term. I really liked the book and so I decided to write a review on it.

The best part of the book is that the author has asked each of her readers to ask three questions with each decisions. What will be the consequences of my decisions ??

  • in the next ten minutes
  • in the next ten days
  • in the next ten years
In the book of 222 pages she has expressed her ideas, how she make decisions, as well as decision of her other devotees following the 10-10-10 concept. I will pick a wonderful example from the book.

Natalie, mother of two sons, was her on way to the funeral when she received two text messages. The eldest sons wrote that his ride from home soccer had fallen and other one from her husband who wrote that he wont be able to take the younger son to the doctor because he is busy.

Her gut feeling immediately asked her to skip the funeral. Now in ten minutes she had to chose between any of the two, either take her younger son to the doctor or buy a new ride for her elder son. In ten months, she would have missed the chance to meet so many relatives and in ten years she should teach her sons to be responsible enough. So, attending the funeral was her right decision.

I must say that this 10-10-10 process will definitely help me in the long run to make the correct decisions. It will give time to think about what is more important to me even when I have to make immediate decisions. It is surely " A Life-Transforming Idea "

let me know if you start following the 10-10-10 process.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Finally I Got into Affiliate Marketing

Finally I decided to move to Affiliate Marketing Department. I have no idea whether affiliate marketing is facing a downturn or not, but I just enjoy working for DebtCC as an Affiliate Manager. I was handed over this post so that I can give a new turn to the Affiliate department of DebtCC.

Today's post is just on that. What is Affiliate marketing all about? The pros and cons and many more.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is nothing but an online business in which affiliates are get paid through affiliate programs and advertising for the promotion of that business. Affiliates get a commission that is based on the amount of business a particular website is bringing for the merchant company. Affiliate marketing is often referred as network marketing or multi-level marketing. But this is not at all true. It is basically a cost-effective marketing where many companies owe huge amount of money to their affiliates.

Internet Marketers strive on residual income which can be earned only online. To survive in this industry you need to be the smartest player or else you can never succeed.

Why you should go for Affiliate Marketing?

It is one of the most staple form of advertising that has come into existence, bringing business for all types of e-commerce. The best part of affiliate marketing is that very less number of risk is involved here. Affiliates earn a fixed amount or a commission based on the number of sales he brings for the merchant i.e. the owner of a product.

Also, it bears no cost for the affiliates to set up the affiliate program or promote it. They just need to put a banner or an affiliate link and they earn only if the lead is generated or converted which is advantageous for both merchants and the affiliates.

The process of affiliate marketing

How to select a good Affiliate Business?

The best way to choose a good affiliate business is asking yourself in which field you are interested in? Finance, technology, homes, etc. Be a part of DebtCC Affiliate Program and I am sure earning dollars will be cake walk for you.

Affiliate Marketing is a trend, people are earning huge with this business and I am sure this will reach to the peak in the coming few months.

Friday, July 3, 2009

All the best Betty

This post is totally dedicated to my dearest friend, Betty Parker, who has helped me a lot in maintaining my personal finance blog, Allfinancehelp. It was because of her dedication and hard work that my blog has gained so much visitors and value in the eyes of search engines.

With full blessings, I am thanking you Betty. Your co-operation is highly appreciated. From now on I will be again taking care of my blog completely since Betty has got busy with some other work.

I wish Betty all the best for all the endeavors of her life.

Best Regards,

Samuel Sanders
(Saurabh Dhanuka)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson, I will Miss You

No matter where the world takes you from us, You will always remain special in our heart. You were the BEST and you will always remain the BEST in the eyes of everyone. You were an excellent artist and millions of people including me will miss you.

Your album the ever blasting "Dangerous" will always remain special to me.

I know this post is nothing to do with making or saving money, but I have dedicated this post to the king of pop my favorite, Michael Jackson. He was a great music star, I loved his music, his style to entertain people and everything that he had for life.

Samantha always used to tell me that he was not less than an angel and that is the reason God din wanted him to stay long on the earth. So, he has called him in heaven. That day has finally come. He has left the world crying for his soul and music.

I have all the collection of Michael Jackson's songs and I have watched every single movie of his.

Michael, Wherever you are, my and my family's prayer will always remain with YOU. May his soul rest in peace.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Started Talking about Personal Finances on Twitter

I love chatting on twitter and that is the reason I spend most of my time these twittering about some topic or the other. The best part is that I come to meet many unusual people there and knows about their views on different topics. I met one guy yesterday night who inspired me to talk about "Personal Finances" on Twitter. That is the reason I have decided that I will tweet about finance and money atleast once a week.

In fact I believe it is a great opportunity to get connected with people who are interested in saving money and talking about their personal finances. You can gather loads of information and tips from good finance bloggers there. You will able to grow your networking which will definitely help you to learn more regarding this topic. Sharing ideas and goals is the main concern for me when I am on Twitter, chatting about personal finances.

If you do not have a twitter account, then please hurry up guys make an account as soon as possible and enjoy the whole FUN!! It is a place where you can spend your whole in talking to various type of people. Share your ideas with them and learn more and more about Life. people share happy as well as their sad moments on twitter. They also link their articles and blog posts they write each day.

Twitter is the best among all other social networking sites.

Tonight's topic : Money Saving Plans in Recession.

Do not miss the discussion. You are welcome to ask whatever questions you have in mind. Come, Share and be a part of the FUN!!

My twitter Profile : Betty Parker

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mortgages and Homeownership: A Mixed Bag of Curses and Blessings in the Current Economy

Following is the guest post written by Michelle Studer from budgetpulse, an interactive, web-based budgeting utility. It reflects the rhythm and the flow of savings and spending goals.

Like other aspects of today’s economy, home ownership equals hardship for some and opportunity for others. On the one hand, the sub-prime mortgage mess was a major factor in last year’s economic meltdown and current foreclosure rates are through the roof. On the other, low selling prices and rock-bottom mortgage loan rates have created a fantastic market for potential home buyers. Courtesy of some recent industry data, here’s a closer look at both sides of the issue.

The Downside

The American Dream has always included the promise of home ownership, but for some the reality of owning a home has been nothing short of a nightmare. According to a recent Reuters article:

  • 12 percent of U.S. homeowners paid late on their mortgage loans or were in the process of foreclosure during the first quarter of 2009.
  • Data from Standard & Poor’s/Case-Schiller Indexes revealed that home prices have dropped 32 percent from their peak in 2006.
  • Up to 40 percent of the houses with so-called “failing” mortgages are vacant homes, which seemingly indicates abandonment in many cases by homeowners unable to pay their mortgage bills.

In addition, the Wall Street Journal reports that the national average for foreclosures jumped 35 percent in the 12-month period between April 2008 and April 2009.

The Upside

Overwhelmingly, the economic news has been more bad than good this year. However, now is the perfect time to buy a house if you’ve managed to hang onto your money despite the recession. In fact, buying a home has become more affordable even in the priciest markets. One example of this is found in the WSJ’s coverage of First American CoreLogic’s LoanPerformance Home Price Index data, which reveals that home prices in the New York City metro area have fallen 10.6 percent within the past year. There are some additional upsides as well, such as:

  • For existing homeowners, CNN Money reports there’s a “silver lining” when it comes to falling home value: lower property taxes.
  • A few weeks ago, it was possible to get a mortgage loan at an interest rate of less than 5 percent. Since then, rates have started to inch up again, indicating that higher interest rates will become the norm again as the economy improves. However, there’s still no time like the present to take out a mortgage. Today's rates are below 6 percent, which will seem like a steal a few months from now.
  • To sweeten the home-buying pot a bit more, the federal government offers a first-time home buyer tax credit of $8,000 that applies to any first-time home purchase made between April 9, 2008 and December 1, 2009.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Make Sure Your Money Likes You?

It is very easy to accept the fact that you like your money, and why you won't, after all it provides you with all the pleasures of life. But have you ever wondered that the same money reciprocates your feeling or not? Does it also respect you in the same manner as you do to your money? You should respect your money like you respect Jesus.

Don't be upset if your money doesnt like you, Start LOVING it more

There should be some Biblical principles that you need to follow to keep this relationship with your money alive. The main concern here is that there should be a good relationship between you and your money. And I am sure you would like to keep this relationship as a high quality relationship.

Close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath and just follow these lines :

  • Always treat your money with due respect as you respect your spouse
  • Always enjoy the company of your money as you do it with your best friend
  • Always treat your money delicately like a small baby
  • Always treat your money like a teenager, know where it is going and why
  • Always consider your money as your father, learn good patterns from it
  • Always consider your money as a mother, feel its comfort
  • Always treat your money as your beloved neighbor, keep an eye on it every time

I am very sure if you ever try to abuse your money, or treat it in an unusual manner, it will boycott you forever and then never in your lifetime you would be able to convince it. If it goes, it will take away your freedom from you, and not only freedom, but also your security.

Reciprocate the feeling of LOVE with your money

Establish a positive relationship with your money, do not let it become your master. If you become its slave now, for a lifetime you would have to continue in the same manner.

It is a request from my side as a friend, as a guide, whatever you think is appropriate for you, please maintain a good reputation with your money. You will definitely be able to do that. I am sure money will respond to your affections very soon.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Death of an American Icon as GM declares Bankruptcy

On Monday, GM will declare its official Chapter 11 bankruptcy. GM once called the American Icon is surely no longer the part of great American Icon Team. Others belonging to this team are still surviving including Apple Inc. and Microsoft. GM has definitely gone to the garage. Barack Obama is very disappointed with the news.

Death of an American Icon, GM - 1908-2009 :(

The largest US Auto maker will file its bankruptcy on Monday in the Federal Court in New York City, as confirmed by the FOX Business Network. Obama has decided to provide details on how to reconstruct GM as it was before. This will take place before the formalities of the bankruptcy filings. Even though GM has been declared bankrupt, it was found by the media, they negotiating for their two high profile cars, Hummer and Saturn.

GM will continue to negotiate with its creditors regarding proposal made by GM that would increase its shareholder's stake in a new restructured company to 10% that equals to increase the stake by 25% which is a good news for the bondholders.

The only thing that GM is now expecting is support from its creditors. They have also declared Fritz Henderson to remain the GM CEO. Al Koch, MD of AlixPartners, a business oriented company that helps in restructuring of bankrupted companies. Earlier they have guided K-Mart, the largest bankruptcy in US to come out of bankruptcy.

CM CEO, Fritz Henderson after declaring bankruptcy of GM.

Obama confirmed that the GM bankruptcy will involve the treasury spending of around $30.1 billion so that during bankruptcy period operations can be performed.

Now let's hope GM comes back to its original position once again. I surely don't want to see the death of an American Icon, GM.

Humorous Net Worth Comic

I was just going through few comic pictures this evening and guess what I came across. I really wanted to share this with all of you to add some humor in my blog. This is funny but with that it has really got some message. Did you notice that the beggar's net worth is much higher than anyone else there.

Can anyone figure out the real reason? I will tell you. The answer is very simple. The beggar doesn't have any debt. He is not earning so much as the other people are and so he is living a debt free life.

Conclusion : Earn less = live a debt free life :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Net Worth Checkpoint

I am so happy to declare this that from the past 2 months my net worth is going on increasing. And this sudden change has started coming only because of my money saving power and also because of right investment of shares in the stock market. Though the economy has not yet recovered, and I don't even have any hopes that it will be improved, yet I am happy that I am maintaining my balance well in terms of finances.

I wish I keep increasing my net worth every month

Moreover, I am expecting more volatility in the market in the near future which is definitely a good signal for me. But at this very moment its better to stay diversified, saving and investing regularly, taking correct decisions and avoiding risks.

My assets increased 1.6%

Only my home value had been decreased and all other asset's value has increased. My stocks as well as mutual funds increased upto 14% last month. Moreover, my retirement accounts are up almost 5%

My liabilities decreased by 0.4%

I am not at all accelerating my mortgage prepayments. The thing is in terms of mortgage I am in the bad state right now. The reason is very simple. I owe more on the house than its actual worth. And trust me I am very nervous due to this. I might need bunch of money to refinance in the future and so that is the reason I am saving money in bulk these days.

My Net Worth increased almost 5%

The final conclusion about which I am so happy today is that my net worth has increased upto 5% which is not at all a bad signal. Though the last month's increase was 12%, yet I am happy with it. In this economy anything in the positive direction is Ok with me.

I love my hard earned money

Money Plans in Mind

The only plan in mind is to keep saving the way I am doing right now. I will continue to buy company stocks and will try to put more and more money in my 401ks. Also, I came to know about Vanguard Index funds and I have decided to put some money in it as well. Lets see where my destiny takes me.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Am Ready for a Productive Summer Vacation

Finally its time to party again. I was eagerly waiting for this period. Finally summer vacations are about to arrive and I am all set to party big time. I am more than happy because this time I have saved lots of money to enjoy my summer vacations, unlike previous years when I saved so less. With partying I have decided that this time me and Sam both will make this summer vacation a productive one.

All set to enjoy my productive summer vacation

Instead of doing nothing at home, We have decided to do something. I have made a list of to-do things which I would like to share with all of you. And in case you think something to be added then please leave a comment, I will definitely do it.

First of all, I have decided to make some more money. My birthday is approaching so I need to have some extra income. Since, I am in a final year now so I have decided I will go for a summer internship job. I do not want a boy selling candies at the street corner to have a more productive summers than me.

Secondly, Me and Sam were just talking last night that we will do something that we have never done before. Do not take it in a wrong way. We have made a list of things to do before we die. Maybe we are not able to do everything this summer but will definitely try out some of them including skydiving, rock climbing, scuba diving etc.

Thirdly, I have decided that this time I will definitely help other people in their work and will try to make atleast 3 people smile everyday. Not necessarily providing education to poor children, but also cleaning up my neighbor fences, or bringing vegetables for them from the grocery shop etc.

summer vacation brings all smiles on my face

Fourthly, I have made a list of few new hobbies. I am sick and tired of the same old hobbies of reading books and surfing the net, blogging etc. In this way I will be able to keep myself more busy. Actually I ll be having something new to impress my friends when I am going back to the college.

Fifthly, Will definitely try myself to rediscover my old passions. I used to collect coins but then somehow stopped due to work pressure. But now I have made a firm decision that I will again start with it.

Lastly, this time I will surely fall in love. After all its a summer love. Every girl has a dream of falling for a summer love. No matter how actively I do above five things, this will definitely be true.

Summer Love is one of the best feelings for any girl

So if you have any suggestions for me other than this then do let me know.

Friday, May 29, 2009

I am Sorry dear Credit Cards

My Dear Credit Cards,

I am writing you this letter because it was very difficult for me to face you. Trust me and I mean it. I have got no guts left to see you everyday and your beautiful numbers. I guess from now on whenever I am going for a shopping I will memorize the numbers, but will not see your face at any cost. With all sadness I have to say this to you. Please hold your breadth.

I have to take you out of my wallet and keep you in my isolated cupboard. I have got no other option. I have to forget you at any cost. I have already removed all my credit card statements. I know I will miss you a lot when it comes to payday, but I have to face it. I have to be harsh with you.

I really apologize my dear credit card, but I have to pay you off

My dear credit cards, please understand, you are no longer good to me. I should have understood this on the very 1st day when I saw you and decided to keep you forever in my wallet. I never knew I had to pay so much because of you. Because of you my paychecks are causing me so much of troubles.

You never understood my feelings. I paid you twice and even then you got me into so much of troubles. I don't know, somehow I am just attracted to you. We are together for the last 11 years and I have never left you like this, but today I have to.

You was like my best friend, always attached to me in my bad as well as good times. But the only bad thing you did was that you always encouraged me to spend more and more. You always had one thing in mind, i.e., to buy now and pay it later. You have always forced me to buy those things which I can't afford to pay even later. I always realized my mistakes the next morning.

I know I am not the only special one whom you are with. Maybe you are still a best friends with many other people. But trust me I am not able to take this load of yours anymore. I am tired of paying. Please give me some space in life.

You have always forced me to buy things I can't afford :(

Maybe someday or the other we can be best friends once again, but now I have no other option other than paying you off and keep you inside my cupboard.

I will miss you a lot.

Goodbye Credit Cards.


P.S. I am very very serious this time. Do not take this as a Joke.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What Rich People think about Inflation

Maybe you believe inflation is bad but, if you’re me, inflation is a good thing. I make a lot of money from inflation. Hold on! Before you dismiss me as some kind of kook, take a minute and think about what I’m about to tell you.

It won’t take long. Trust me.

I’d like to remove that mistaken fear of inflation that’s been drilled into you since you were young. With my blog you’ll learn how to properly invest in real estate for maximum returns – you’ll take my crazy ideas about inflation and make money too. Lots of money.

Here’s how it works. Let’s use an example to illustrate the concept. This is good stuff.

Say you bought six single-family homes for a grand total of $1 million dollars at ten percent down. That means the balance on your loan is $900,000 the day you close the deal. Let’s further say inflation is 4% and over the next year you pay nothing on the principle, making interest payments only.

At the end of that year, in real terms, your loan just reduced to $864,000. Inflation just paid off $36,000 of your balance while you did nothing but keep breathing!

Do you see how that happens?

You locked in the number $900,000 the day you took out the loan. It will never get any bigger. BUT…inflation reduces the value of that balance at the rate of 4% (or whatever) annually, knocking a chunk off each and every year like clockwork. A dollar a year from now is worth 4% less than a dollar in your pocket right now. That future dollar is only worth ninety-six cents!

In real wealth terms, you just gained four cents on every dollar against the value of the loan your bank holds.

That’s what I call the Great Inflation Payoff.

Read the example passage again if you need to. Think about it. Understand it. That’s how rich people think.

Use inflation to start making great returns with income property investments, history’s best bet. The road to success is shorter than you think.