Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our Day in the Sun

Saving for the future can be a goal that is difficult to reach when it seems that everything is getting more and more expensive and salaries seem to stay stagnant. As we grow and our family size increases, we can get overwhelmed and often spend more than expected as a result. If we are even able to put money away, it seems as though we must tap that money way too quickly for our comfort.

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Sometimes, we think that using our credit cards is a good idea, and it can be, but only if we are able to pay off the balance before the end of the month. This action allows us to avoid interest that accrues on that balance and it is like using cash, but with a delayed payment. This can be good for those who may need a payday loan, but do not want to have to pay the fees and interest associated with them.

Payday loans can be good for some, as they will allow you to avoid the use of credit cards, which can be easy to not pay off before the end of month, resulting in interest and late fees if the minimum payment is not met before the due date. Consumers are often lured by promotions and low-interest credit cards and often sign up for way more than they need, which can result in mounting debt, which is no good for our financial health.

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By controlling our credit card use and instilling budget routines into our daily life, we can slowly regain our financial health and remain on track to successfully save money for the future. Retirement is very close for many of us and we may feel that we are just not ready to do so, but by budgeting and controlling out-of-control spending habits, the sooner we can retire to spend our later years relaxing and soaking in the sun.

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