Saturday, November 7, 2009

I seriously hate when people ask me about my Salary

I don't understand why people keep on asking me about my salary. Are we helping each other with any monetary transactions? Are we best friends? Are we relatives? If not then trust me it is really pissing me off. I wish I could have said this straight on the face, but unfortunately I cant. But trust I am happy in my own way.

I am always ready for open discussions related to finances but how can someone ask anyone about their salary.

It may sound a little weird from someone who keeps on writing articles on finances, but I really feel not to disclose few of my personal things like passwords and salary. The trust factor plays a very important role here. I can discuss this with my wife (I am single as of yet) but not with my friends, not even with close ones. I simply cannot trust them.

If someone comes and ask me about anything, I always welcome them. I can give them my opinion 100 % because I dont care whether you implement my suggestion or not. Maybe I do not the answer but I will definitely participate in the conversation. There are certain appropriate and inappropriate time to ask about the salary for anyone. And that is why I decided to write this post and let everyone know my preferences of when you should ask me and when you should not ask me about my salary?

Let me first discuss the Appropriate times:

1.) Human Resources: If you are my boss or my CEO, I would definitely tell you my salary figures without even hesitating (although you must be knowing it!)

2.) At Job Interviews: Please ask away! You have full authorities to do that and I have got no option that time. I have to tell you the exact figures.

3.) To my financial Adviser/consultant/Accountant: I guess he/she should know this, then only they can manage my finances well. You should never hide your finances from your accountant.

4.) when I am with my wife: She should know what I am spending on and where? Right? I guess she has full rights to do that. Always share your financial background with your to be so that there is no confusion later on.

5.) I asked you first situation: I am always open to tell you when the situation is like I have asked you about the salary first. You answer me about your figures and I will do the same.

I guess these points are more than enough when I am OK to share my salary. These are just my opinions, maybe others are not satisfied with my points (As if I care).

Now for some inappropriate times when please don't even dare to ask:

1.) When we are not talking about any monetary transactions: Why shall I even tell you about my salary when we are busy discussing about the baseball match?

2.) When I don't even know the person: It might happen that someone stands in front of your face stands up and ask you. Whats your payroll buddy? What crazy, cmon mind your own business dude.

3.) when talking with co-employees: keeping the bosses and HR aside, there are number of people who will interested in knowing about your salary and especially those who are sitting beside you.

4.) when you are traveling in a metro, train or anywhere there are hundreds of people around: I am comfortable in sharing with you but not with those hundred eyes balls staring at you. I am not at all ready for this.

I guess there is a wrong and right way to ask and also how much one can ask. If you know these points I am sure you can understand when the person is interested in answering you and when he is not.

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