Friday, July 17, 2009

Sixth Harry Potter movie breaks all previous records

As per The Financial, the daily newspaper of New York, the latest harry potter movie, "Harry Potter and the half blood prince" has earned more than $60 million on the opening day at the theaters in US. The sixth Harry Potter movie has broken all the previous profit earning records of previous movies.

"Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix" earned around $43.7 million as per Warner Bros on its opening day couple of years back and earned around $142 million after one week which was an outstanding performance by any movie.

The sixth series of J.K.Rowling's Harry Potter series was scheduled to release in November 2008 but was finally released on 15th of this month. In Russia, the movie was released on 16th July and was hosted in more than 900 cinemas.

Earlier "the Dark Knight" was able to make records of highest selling movie on the opening day but "Harry Potter and the half blood prince" was succeeded in breaking its records too. The international earnings of Harry Potter movie was $46 million on the opening day which made the total of more than $100 million on the very first day.

This movie is seriously something to watch out for!!!

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