Friday, July 31, 2009

The four successful Cs of affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is giving a huge business turnover to the major business house who are participating in this business. What are the basic theory these companies are applying. That is what I would be sharing with this post. There are four major Cs which needs to be followed by any affiliate programs and I believe these Cs will do wonders for you and your program.
to make your affiliate graph like this you need to follow the four Cs explained below

Let me explain each of them one by one in details so that all of you can get a fair idea about them.

1.) The content should be written in a way it attracts visitors from all over the world. It should be written in a very simple language highlighting the main features of your affiliate program which can compel the visitors coming back to your affiliate program. If possible hire a good copywriter who can give you the best content for your website.

2.) To get the maximum number of clicks apply a good Call to Action. Try things which others haven't tried with their programs. Try to implement different kind of offers, words, colors, placements etc. The best thing you can do here is to put multiple calls to action on the page. To get the best optimized result always test your calls to action before hand. Apply the best design you can, keep your site's theme on the basis of your program. Make navigation as easy as possible for the visitors. Use words like "Click Here", "Try it" or "Buy Now" etc.

Please note : You may use several calls to action. Not a problem. But make sure you are not promoting FUD i.e. fear, uncertainty and doubt in the mind of the visitor.

3.) After calls to action, the most important thing to be kept in mind is the Click-Through process. With click-through I mean when any visitor sees a button which is highlighted there is an obvious chances he/she will click on the button to find out whats inside. Remember that a one small click can change the sales turnover and make a huge difference.

Please note : A high click through means that you were totally successful with point # 1 and 2 above. So your half of the work is done.

4.) The most important point to remember is the Conversion Rate. By conversion I mean that you are successful in an action you wanted to take place. maybe a sale or filling out any forms.

To be successful in affiliate marketing it is very important to increase the conversion rate which you can achieve only if you are successful with the first 3 points discussed above. The high conversion rate in affiliate marketing is in the hands of the merchant itself.

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