Friday, May 7, 2010

Be Your Own Marketing Mentor

Whenever it comes to marketing, most of the time we remember that person who taught us a new way of thinking with regard to marketing and terms related to it. It might be anyone from the author of the book, a speaker at an industry seminar, or maybe any relative business show. With all the entrepreneurial enthusiasm I found out 10 most successful business men and women quotes related to marketing and its related industry. So, I just thought of sharing the list with all of you.

1.) Jeff Widman (Marketing Mentor : Seth Godin)

Be the first to sell the experience and relationship and not just the widget of the space. Widgets are sold by second place company whose only aim is to gain market share to compete on prices.

2.) Everett Reiss (Marketing Mentor : Jim Kukral)

Always develop a content that solve queries of your target audience's problem. No matter its perfect or not but it should be very relevant and helpful for them.

3.) Armelle Cloche (Marketing Mentor : Jay Abraham)

There are only 3 ways of increasing business profits : increase the number of clients, number of sales per client and number of times client returns and buy again.

4.) Ciara Pressler (Marketing Mentor : Jack Trout)

Differentiation should be the key. There should always be a competition so that you can perform better every day. They have to identify and promote things which make their products worth buying.

5.) Lora Carr (Marketing Mentor : Sarah Petty)

No need to leave co-marketing alone. With other boutique business it makes more sense

6.) Claudia Copquin (Marketing Mentor : Jim Mc Cann)

Never be afraid of asking any question. With no marketing budget also you can come out as a large company.

7.) Jason Cannon (Marketing Mentor : Sarah Petty)

If you have a strong product, are passionate at what you do, you love people and your community, then you will definitely enjoy your job from all the prospects.

8.) Adam Kleinberg (Marketing Mentor : Brook Lundy)

Only great creative ideas matters and can survive.

9.) Sean Horrigan (Marketing Mentor : David Meerman Scott)

Always believe what you publish. Each and every business has got its own information that can now or later can contribute to the huge market place.

10.) David Langton (Marketing Mentor : My Mother)

You have to give time to your target audience. Understand their requirements first. If you can understand things from their point of view you can surely market the ideas yourself.

Is it a Wise Idea to Invest in Goldman Sachs?

Goldman Sachs has become the worst place in United States because of its recent milestones. The reasons are :

1.) All the residents of America are very angry with Goldman

2.) Investors are too worried about their stocks which went down about 13% as soon as Security Exchange Commission's news broke.

3.) The SEC still believes that the company has broken all their laws.

4.) GS is taking the fall for the entire mortgage crisis and economic downfall.

5.) They are referred as "Bad Guy" these days.

How does it matter that Goldman Sachs has done anything wrong or not? What they are doing right now is that they are are taking huge public relations right now. I don't know how many of you watched the senatorial hearings last weekend, the Government is only blaming GS for the entire Global Warming.

So why would person invest their money in Goldman Sachs's stocks?

Because our own Warren Buffet asked us to. I would like to quote what he mentioned in the last media hearing last weekend. He still thinks Goldman is the only attractive stock right now :

He said, "Be greedy when others are fearing and be fearful when others are greedy"

I guess this only suits Goldman and no one else. And you know what? Warren Buffet himself owns $5 billion worth of stocks of Goldman with a 10% sweet dividend and that is why he is backing the reputation of the company in public.

Goldman Sachs has been always famous for having smartest people working in its company. In fact it still holds this position. No matter the company is found guilty of any wrong deeds or not, the reputation of GS will not at all hamper in the long run.

I am not at all advising you to buy the stocks of Goldman Sachs but if you are a fan of its stock from before, this would be the best time to renew it. Remember, that a 13% discount doesn't come that often. All the best.

Yes, You Conquered Your College and Now Time to Conquer your Finances

Anyone will feel very happy and excited after conquering the college but more important than conquering the college is having a win over your personal finances. You should follow these easy to digest to do things to make it possible after you graduate.

Make sure You have a Convenient Checking Account

Having a checking account is no big deal. But make sure it is convenient enough. Always keep in mind that the checking account should be of a bank with ATM in the city you are residing. This is important so that you can anytime deposit your paychecks and also withdraw money whenever you wish to.

Have a Good Knowledge of your Credit

You have to make sure that your credit history is good enough to have a good credit report. This will indicate how responsible you are when it comes to paying off the bills. Your credit report and score often determines your ability to get any type of loan in future.

Get A Credit Card on Your Name

It will help you in having a good credit history so that you can easily get loan on big purchases like for a house or a car. It will also help in establishing your credibility big time.

Understand your Salary well

It is for sure that not all your earnings of the salary will go in your wallet. There might be a possibility of going some in your taxes, into your saving accounts, you can put some into your retirement account too. So keep a track on how much money you are spending each month.

Prepare a Budget

Preparing a budget is no big deal but sticking to it, is really difficult. There are many people who follow their budget well and that keeps them in discipline of money control. Take help of any budget calculator if possible.

Understand the importance of Savings Account

In case of any financial pothole, the savings account will act as a savior for you and your family. There might be a possibility that you lose your job, so in these times your savings will help you. Make sure you save money that can cover your at least eight months living cost. So as soon as you get your first salary open a savings account.

Understand the value of Retirement Savings

Maybe today you are full of energy and can work ten hours everyday, but the time will come when you will grow old and at time you will need to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Different types of retirement accounts include 401(K), Roth IRA, Traditional IRA.

Get A Health Insurance done as soon as possible

If you are not taking proper care of your health while working then you are risking yours as well as your families life. Who knows if you fall ill, you need to pay a hefty bill on for your illness. So it is advisable that have a good health Insurance policy as soon as possible.

Get hold of Your Taxes

Seriously having a grip on your taxes well can save you loads and loads of money. Always keep in mind that April 15th is considered as the Tax day. For tax return you need to file these forms : forms 1040EZ, 1040A and 1040.

Pay off your Bills on Time

1st things first. Go to the nearby bank and open your credit card statement and bills account. Make sure that your billing statement is 100% correct. Never pay on something you didn't buy. Cross check your statement more than once.

Follow these quick steps and I am sure like the way you conquered your college, you will also win over your personal finances as soon as possible.