Friday, June 5, 2009

Make Sure Your Money Likes You?

It is very easy to accept the fact that you like your money, and why you won't, after all it provides you with all the pleasures of life. But have you ever wondered that the same money reciprocates your feeling or not? Does it also respect you in the same manner as you do to your money? You should respect your money like you respect Jesus.

Don't be upset if your money doesnt like you, Start LOVING it more

There should be some Biblical principles that you need to follow to keep this relationship with your money alive. The main concern here is that there should be a good relationship between you and your money. And I am sure you would like to keep this relationship as a high quality relationship.

Close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath and just follow these lines :

  • Always treat your money with due respect as you respect your spouse
  • Always enjoy the company of your money as you do it with your best friend
  • Always treat your money delicately like a small baby
  • Always treat your money like a teenager, know where it is going and why
  • Always consider your money as your father, learn good patterns from it
  • Always consider your money as a mother, feel its comfort
  • Always treat your money as your beloved neighbor, keep an eye on it every time

I am very sure if you ever try to abuse your money, or treat it in an unusual manner, it will boycott you forever and then never in your lifetime you would be able to convince it. If it goes, it will take away your freedom from you, and not only freedom, but also your security.

Reciprocate the feeling of LOVE with your money

Establish a positive relationship with your money, do not let it become your master. If you become its slave now, for a lifetime you would have to continue in the same manner.

It is a request from my side as a friend, as a guide, whatever you think is appropriate for you, please maintain a good reputation with your money. You will definitely be able to do that. I am sure money will respond to your affections very soon.

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government funded grants said...

"Do unto others what you want others to do unto you." For me, that quote can simply explain what the blog wants to say. You can treat money as a person but never let it be the center of your life; because of the billions of people here in the world you can't say that you will be the center of attention of the money.