Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Net Worth Checkpoint

I am so happy to declare this that from the past 2 months my net worth is going on increasing. And this sudden change has started coming only because of my money saving power and also because of right investment of shares in the stock market. Though the economy has not yet recovered, and I don't even have any hopes that it will be improved, yet I am happy that I am maintaining my balance well in terms of finances.

I wish I keep increasing my net worth every month

Moreover, I am expecting more volatility in the market in the near future which is definitely a good signal for me. But at this very moment its better to stay diversified, saving and investing regularly, taking correct decisions and avoiding risks.

My assets increased 1.6%

Only my home value had been decreased and all other asset's value has increased. My stocks as well as mutual funds increased upto 14% last month. Moreover, my retirement accounts are up almost 5%

My liabilities decreased by 0.4%

I am not at all accelerating my mortgage prepayments. The thing is in terms of mortgage I am in the bad state right now. The reason is very simple. I owe more on the house than its actual worth. And trust me I am very nervous due to this. I might need bunch of money to refinance in the future and so that is the reason I am saving money in bulk these days.

My Net Worth increased almost 5%

The final conclusion about which I am so happy today is that my net worth has increased upto 5% which is not at all a bad signal. Though the last month's increase was 12%, yet I am happy with it. In this economy anything in the positive direction is Ok with me.

I love my hard earned money

Money Plans in Mind

The only plan in mind is to keep saving the way I am doing right now. I will continue to buy company stocks and will try to put more and more money in my 401ks. Also, I came to know about Vanguard Index funds and I have decided to put some money in it as well. Lets see where my destiny takes me.

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