Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Basics Of Claiming Bankruptcy

Knowing how to claim bankruptcy can make a very big difference in the amount of time it takes and the stress you have to deal with to get through the process. Not only will you be in financial strain, you will also be in emotional turmoil and knowing how to go about it will be very helpful.

Once you have decided that this is your only way out of your financial woes, get in touch with a bankruptcy lawyer. These are professionals who understand the process, know the implications and provide bankruptcy services to assist you. The lawyer will be able to confirm that bankruptcy is your only and best option and if not they will offer alternatives that you can pursue to save your credit rating. Your credit may already be bad but if there is something other than bankruptcy you should consider it since the consequences of bankruptcy are long term.

Once you and your lawyer have settled on bankruptcy as your best option, the next step is to decide what form of personal bankruptcy is best for your situation. Your lawyer will use the information you provide as well as the documentation you produce to help you make this decision. Be completely honest with your lawyer or they could misguide you which could have serious implications. Chapter 7 involves liquidating all your assets and beginning a fresh. Chapter 13 on the other hand involves negotiated payment of debt. Each has its pros and cons and your lawyer will address each so that you can arrive a well thought out decision.

Beyond guiding you through the bankruptcy proceedings, your lawyer will help you get help that will keep you out of financial trouble in future as well as get you back on your financial feet. There are professionals who can help you with budgeting, financial planning, savings and other financial services. A lot of them will charge a minimal fee or offer free services as they understand that they are working with people who are in financial trouble.

If you know the people who understand how to claim bankruptcy you will find that the process could be much easier for you as opposed to the situation of deciding to go it yourself. It is important to note that bankruptcy should be an opportunity for you to reorganize yourself and prepare for a return to financial well being. Try and take care of your finances by following solid financial advice and you will never need to apply the information on this article.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who Wants to Buy Yahoo?

One of the more troubled technology firms in recent years has been Yahoo. Once the darling of internet and high tech investors, they have hit a rough patch as of late marked by several changes in management and a failed buyout offer from Microsoft. The latest report fresh from the Wall Street Journal is that AOL is considering taking over the company, and this was enough to surge the share price of Yahoo by 15%.

There are several reasons why this deal will never happen, and should not happen.

1. AOL is a much smaller company, and taking over Yahoo will put it in serious debt. Most of Yahoo’s web properties aren’t turning a great profit, so they are of little value to AOL.

2. AOL is increasingly focused on content, something that Yahoo just doesn’t have much of. True they have Flickr, and some good sites like Yahoo News and Yahoo Sports, but they don’t have a lot of original content that AOL looking for right now.

3. Yahoo is looking to sell its most valuable asset, which most people have never heard of. A company called Alibaba that produces online trading software for the Chinese Market.

When companies like this take a big rise off of some news based on rumor or innuendo, it’s a great time to short them. If you’d like to know more about shorting stocks or just learning more about how the market works, check out Global Finance School.

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