Thursday, November 22, 2007

Uses of a Credit Card

credit cards
Credit Card or Plastic Money as you call it, has become popular and an essential product for everyone. People's appetite for credit just gets bigger & bigger every year. We spent almost an astonishing £92 billion on credit and debit cards every year, according to the Credit Card Research Group.

You all know very well why credit cards are so popular and important amongst us. And it has some merits and demerits which you should know before you use it.

# If you use it wisely then it can prove to be useful, convenient and help you to build up a strong credit history which would help you get loans in the future.
# They are simply hassle-free and easy to carry. It means you need not carry loads of cash in your small purse.
# That's not all, if you do a transaction using your credit card, you could avail a 49-59 days credit-free period. It depends which company's credit card you are using.
# If you are in the middle of your way and your car breaks down, then it comes to good use. You don't have enough money to get the service, over there your credit card can help you solve your problems.
# It gets you facilities to do online transcations like airline, hotel, or rental car reservations.
# It is beneficial in short-term emergencies too.
# There are other facilities wherein you may avail a cash-back, travel insurance, purchase protection and more. It depends on your credit card company's terms & conditions.

# If you over-use the card and be unable to repay through the next paycheck, then the card company may start charging outrageous interest rates.
# Your application for mortgage loans can be rejected just because of your bad credit debt remarks. Not only that, it could affect even job applications and insurance coverages.

Check out the smart uses of credit card commercial by Stacy Johnson. It is really worth watching:

You have seen the problems & I am sure thats not the end. May be there are more. Therefore try to avoid the temptation of availing an easy credit. If you use a credit card, pay it off each month. Don’t try to make a due with the plastic money. If you are really in need of a loan, then contact a reputed bank and ask for their assistance.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Loans for chirstmas celebrations!!!

Christmas Loans, Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is near and I am sure, everyone is planning something to make their Christmas memorable. Most of you would plan for a short holiday tour or some of you enjoy holiday by visiting to amusement park, go for shopping etc. This is the time you may need more cash in hand. But all people can not have it. So most of them tend to get cash through instant approval i.e. payday loan. This is indeed an easiest and fastest way to get the cash. At this season loan agencies offer loan package called “Christmas Payday Loan”. This loan is approved within an hour. And lenders transfer the loan amount in your account within 24 hours. These loans are given against your next pay check. You can get upto €100 to €1500. It would depend on your salary.

While approving your loan, lenders give a look on two things
# You should be at least 18 years of age,
# You are an employee for past some months at least and
# Drawing a fixed monthly salary

They do not verify your credit score. No security is required to borrow the loans as it is unsecured loans. Obviously you can enjoy the cash the very same day.

Few important points for the borrowers:
# If you really need the cash and have no option, then go for it,
# Read the documents carefully before signing,
# Make a habit to pay back the loan amount in time.

I know some of you who have experienced the trouble. So do not repeat the same.

Enjoy every moment.