Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Am Ready for a Productive Summer Vacation

Finally its time to party again. I was eagerly waiting for this period. Finally summer vacations are about to arrive and I am all set to party big time. I am more than happy because this time I have saved lots of money to enjoy my summer vacations, unlike previous years when I saved so less. With partying I have decided that this time me and Sam both will make this summer vacation a productive one.

All set to enjoy my productive summer vacation

Instead of doing nothing at home, We have decided to do something. I have made a list of to-do things which I would like to share with all of you. And in case you think something to be added then please leave a comment, I will definitely do it.

First of all, I have decided to make some more money. My birthday is approaching so I need to have some extra income. Since, I am in a final year now so I have decided I will go for a summer internship job. I do not want a boy selling candies at the street corner to have a more productive summers than me.

Secondly, Me and Sam were just talking last night that we will do something that we have never done before. Do not take it in a wrong way. We have made a list of things to do before we die. Maybe we are not able to do everything this summer but will definitely try out some of them including skydiving, rock climbing, scuba diving etc.

Thirdly, I have decided that this time I will definitely help other people in their work and will try to make atleast 3 people smile everyday. Not necessarily providing education to poor children, but also cleaning up my neighbor fences, or bringing vegetables for them from the grocery shop etc.

summer vacation brings all smiles on my face

Fourthly, I have made a list of few new hobbies. I am sick and tired of the same old hobbies of reading books and surfing the net, blogging etc. In this way I will be able to keep myself more busy. Actually I ll be having something new to impress my friends when I am going back to the college.

Fifthly, Will definitely try myself to rediscover my old passions. I used to collect coins but then somehow stopped due to work pressure. But now I have made a firm decision that I will again start with it.

Lastly, this time I will surely fall in love. After all its a summer love. Every girl has a dream of falling for a summer love. No matter how actively I do above five things, this will definitely be true.

Summer Love is one of the best feelings for any girl

So if you have any suggestions for me other than this then do let me know.

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