Thursday, July 22, 2010

How Much Worth is Our US Presidents?

Have you ever wondered how much George Washington was worth of? Or how much is President Obama worth of? I know it might sound funny and weird to you but the fact is there was a time when the real worth of these people was estimated by the National Survey of America. This post might help the young readers as it will motivate them to do something great in life.

It is of no help in the financial endeavor of people who have already settled their financial life well. In the articles by the National Survey of America, they presented the entire list of the presidents starting from George Washington to Obama with their net worth figures. Not only this they also mentioned how they actually built this net worth amount.

I could not resist myself in copy pasting the list. I really apologize guys. I know its your hard work but I want my readers to go through that list too :)

Obviously it was not possible for me to paste all the 43 president's name here but I at least mentioned the names of those whom I personally liked and who became the president for some reason or the other. And please after seeing the list do not start commenting on the figures. These figures are the approximate values which were calculated. This is how it was calculated.

please note that they have calculated the figures keep in mind the dollar value in 2010.

Famous Presidents & Their Net Worths:

President (#) Net Worth
George Washington (1st)
John Adams (2nd)
Thomas Jefferson (3rd)
Abraham Lincoln (16th)
Ulysses Simpson Grant (18th)
Theodore Roosevelt (26th)
John Fitzgerald Kennedy (35th)
Lyndon Baines Johnson (36th)
Richard Milhous Nixon (37th)
William Jefferson Clinton (42nd)
George W. Bush (43rd)
Barack Hussein Obama (44th)
$525 million
$19 million
$212 million
$1 Million
$1 Million $125 million $1 billion
$98 Million $15 million $38 million $20 million $5 million

So the winner over here is George Washington. Most of them have built their net worth with their real estate investments, books, autobiographies, interviews, etc. Trust if you are a finance savvy you will definitely like this.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Finally I decided to Buy a New Laptop for Me

I am very excited as I got a very good deal on a very new to me laptop earlier this week. My previous desktop, an HP Compaq had a core 2 Duo chip with all old specifications. It was running all fine since last month when a drop of coffee lead to its death completely after repeated opening and closing over a period of one month.

I was happy to have my previous computer as well. The time when I bought that from the HP outlet, it had all the latest specifications. It cost me around $500. When I purchased that I was firm on purchasing a laptop in a year or two. And so here I am with all new Dell Studio XPS 1645 notebook which cost me around $950. My earlier computer had 4 GB of memory space and this laptop gives me around 8 GB of memory space. Wooooohh!!!

You must be wondering why my eye was on this particular notebook. Here are the few reasons for this:

1.) Screen : Earlier I had a screen with 1440x990 resolution which I have changed to 1920x1080 resolution on a 15.6 inches screen. It was expensive but I thought that laptops are not purchased everyday, so its better to have the best from the rest. The best part of the screen is that you can easily squeeze it into more pixels any time you want.

2.) Processor : I went to the shop keeper and he told me they have Intel Quad-Core i7-720 QM available. He spoke that too fast though. Since I am not a tech savvy so I asked him to give me the best processor they had. So he gave me the processor with the bench mark speed of 3235 which my earlier PC had 1113.

3.) Memory : My new notebook comes with a 8 GB memory space. I Know thats not a huge upgrade from the earlier which was 4 GB. Since I will be using 64 bit version of windows 7 so I guess 8 GB of memory space will be the best improvement.

4.) Hard Drive : It is better to have a fast hard drive than having a large hard drive. My new hard drive spins at approx 7200RPM. I guess the 320 GB is more than enough to hold my basic business applications.

5.) Operating System
: No doubt i will be moving to Windows 7 because I dint like windows Vista so much. It is much complicated than windows 7.

6.) Battery : For batter I got a very good offer. When i went to the shop they were having some discount season on batteries. S0, I opted for a 9 cell battery. It means that I am getting 35% extra battery usage from the normal 6 cell batteries.

I consulted few people before purchasing this. I had a discussion with different shop keepers about this and its price. Finally it cost me all in total around 950 USD.