Saturday, July 4, 2009

Finally I Got into Affiliate Marketing

Finally I decided to move to Affiliate Marketing Department. I have no idea whether affiliate marketing is facing a downturn or not, but I just enjoy working for DebtCC as an Affiliate Manager. I was handed over this post so that I can give a new turn to the Affiliate department of DebtCC.

Today's post is just on that. What is Affiliate marketing all about? The pros and cons and many more.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is nothing but an online business in which affiliates are get paid through affiliate programs and advertising for the promotion of that business. Affiliates get a commission that is based on the amount of business a particular website is bringing for the merchant company. Affiliate marketing is often referred as network marketing or multi-level marketing. But this is not at all true. It is basically a cost-effective marketing where many companies owe huge amount of money to their affiliates.

Internet Marketers strive on residual income which can be earned only online. To survive in this industry you need to be the smartest player or else you can never succeed.

Why you should go for Affiliate Marketing?

It is one of the most staple form of advertising that has come into existence, bringing business for all types of e-commerce. The best part of affiliate marketing is that very less number of risk is involved here. Affiliates earn a fixed amount or a commission based on the number of sales he brings for the merchant i.e. the owner of a product.

Also, it bears no cost for the affiliates to set up the affiliate program or promote it. They just need to put a banner or an affiliate link and they earn only if the lead is generated or converted which is advantageous for both merchants and the affiliates.

The process of affiliate marketing

How to select a good Affiliate Business?

The best way to choose a good affiliate business is asking yourself in which field you are interested in? Finance, technology, homes, etc. Be a part of DebtCC Affiliate Program and I am sure earning dollars will be cake walk for you.

Affiliate Marketing is a trend, people are earning huge with this business and I am sure this will reach to the peak in the coming few months.

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