Friday, May 29, 2009

I am Sorry dear Credit Cards

My Dear Credit Cards,

I am writing you this letter because it was very difficult for me to face you. Trust me and I mean it. I have got no guts left to see you everyday and your beautiful numbers. I guess from now on whenever I am going for a shopping I will memorize the numbers, but will not see your face at any cost. With all sadness I have to say this to you. Please hold your breadth.

I have to take you out of my wallet and keep you in my isolated cupboard. I have got no other option. I have to forget you at any cost. I have already removed all my credit card statements. I know I will miss you a lot when it comes to payday, but I have to face it. I have to be harsh with you.

I really apologize my dear credit card, but I have to pay you off

My dear credit cards, please understand, you are no longer good to me. I should have understood this on the very 1st day when I saw you and decided to keep you forever in my wallet. I never knew I had to pay so much because of you. Because of you my paychecks are causing me so much of troubles.

You never understood my feelings. I paid you twice and even then you got me into so much of troubles. I don't know, somehow I am just attracted to you. We are together for the last 11 years and I have never left you like this, but today I have to.

You was like my best friend, always attached to me in my bad as well as good times. But the only bad thing you did was that you always encouraged me to spend more and more. You always had one thing in mind, i.e., to buy now and pay it later. You have always forced me to buy those things which I can't afford to pay even later. I always realized my mistakes the next morning.

I know I am not the only special one whom you are with. Maybe you are still a best friends with many other people. But trust me I am not able to take this load of yours anymore. I am tired of paying. Please give me some space in life.

You have always forced me to buy things I can't afford :(

Maybe someday or the other we can be best friends once again, but now I have no other option other than paying you off and keep you inside my cupboard.

I will miss you a lot.

Goodbye Credit Cards.


P.S. I am very very serious this time. Do not take this as a Joke.

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David said...

Really, the post is very interesting, informative & dramatic..Thanks