Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson, I will Miss You

No matter where the world takes you from us, You will always remain special in our heart. You were the BEST and you will always remain the BEST in the eyes of everyone. You were an excellent artist and millions of people including me will miss you.

Your album the ever blasting "Dangerous" will always remain special to me.

I know this post is nothing to do with making or saving money, but I have dedicated this post to the king of pop my favorite, Michael Jackson. He was a great music star, I loved his music, his style to entertain people and everything that he had for life.

Samantha always used to tell me that he was not less than an angel and that is the reason God din wanted him to stay long on the earth. So, he has called him in heaven. That day has finally come. He has left the world crying for his soul and music.

I have all the collection of Michael Jackson's songs and I have watched every single movie of his.

Michael, Wherever you are, my and my family's prayer will always remain with YOU. May his soul rest in peace.

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