Saturday, June 20, 2009

Started Talking about Personal Finances on Twitter

I love chatting on twitter and that is the reason I spend most of my time these twittering about some topic or the other. The best part is that I come to meet many unusual people there and knows about their views on different topics. I met one guy yesterday night who inspired me to talk about "Personal Finances" on Twitter. That is the reason I have decided that I will tweet about finance and money atleast once a week.

In fact I believe it is a great opportunity to get connected with people who are interested in saving money and talking about their personal finances. You can gather loads of information and tips from good finance bloggers there. You will able to grow your networking which will definitely help you to learn more regarding this topic. Sharing ideas and goals is the main concern for me when I am on Twitter, chatting about personal finances.

If you do not have a twitter account, then please hurry up guys make an account as soon as possible and enjoy the whole FUN!! It is a place where you can spend your whole in talking to various type of people. Share your ideas with them and learn more and more about Life. people share happy as well as their sad moments on twitter. They also link their articles and blog posts they write each day.

Twitter is the best among all other social networking sites.

Tonight's topic : Money Saving Plans in Recession.

Do not miss the discussion. You are welcome to ask whatever questions you have in mind. Come, Share and be a part of the FUN!!

My twitter Profile : Betty Parker

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Real Estate Postcards said...

Twitter is the perfect place to communicate your ideas with other people. More and more people are now using social networking to give room for more sensible conversations like personal finances and money savings plan.