Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Think before you start a new business

Getting help in Equipment Financing is one of the most important things one should think before starting a new business. Your own business should be maintained skillfully and a special attention should be paid to the entire sphere related to your job. It is not necessary to advise you how you implement your thought and plan. But it should be done systematically. You need a good place as well as good furniture and machineries. To decorate your office you need some good furniture and other official equipments. You can’t buy them all. There are many financial companies and organizations that provide office equipment lease. Then make a regular deal with your expected customers and suppliers.

Marketing is another issue to run your company properly. You need to discuss with some postcard mailing and bulk mailing service companies. When everything is okay and perfect your company will run better. To get loan from any financial organization your credit score will play major role. Be sure you have earned a good score in this field. All the Financial companies including Equipment Financing organizations depend on the credit score while helping you. Check you have acquired all the merits needed and start your own business.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Brighter Planet Environmental Credit Card

Brighter Planet Environmental Credit Card
In December 2007, Bank of America introduced the Brighter Planet Environmental Credit Card. Brighter Planet is not a Brand, its an environmental group and Bank Of America joined hands in this project. The goal of this new card is to help cardholders to protect the Earth’s environment. The Brighter Planet Visa card offers “Earthpoints”, and these points will be used in renewable energy projects.

How to earn the points?

# With every $1 spent in purchases, a Brighter Planet Visa card holder earns 1 EarthSmart point,

# It is assumed that 1,000 points is approximately equivalent to powering, heating and cooling your home for a month or set aside your car off the road for 2,000 miles,

# Each 1,000 points being calculated equal to 1 ton of “carbon offsets”.

Btw, what are Carbon Offsets?

“The consequences of any action specifically taken to remove from, or prevent the dismissal of, carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in order to balance emission taking place elsewhere” - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (The Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting, And Verification Of Climate Change Mitigation Projects, ch. 2, pg. 14, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1997).

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Millionaire Calculator

Being a millionaire- a dream for every youth of this era. Each & every moment that they move towards their goal to be a "Millionaire", they can't stop guessing by what time they would be there. I think this amazing calculator will help you to calculate and tell you when you are going to be a Millionaire. I have found this calculator at the CNN.com website. And its good and I hope you will find it good too!

Just click on the image and get the calculator. After using this please tell me when you are going to be Millionaire.