Friday, August 21, 2009

Couple of Affiliate Scams

This may be unusual but I have been noticing these things for quite a long time now. So just wanted all of you to know about it so that you don't fall in the prey of these affiliate scams.

First, Have you ever heard about Wise Rep? I am sure most of the affiliates have heard it? It is a kind of advertising where you can easily list your wholesale products along the side things, maybe like, a jeans brand. The buyer will come and find them. These buyers as soon as click on these brand's link, Guess what?? It is an affiliate link. You won't believe that for you the normal wholesaler selling the product you'd love to get into any other mega store, you have to pay at least $25 a month to get it listed there. Pheewww!!! Not digestible at all.

Secondly, I have been seeing numbers of bridal registry sites. I am not sure whether anyone of you has come across it or not? If suppose any small company has got a website and wants to be listed, they have to pay some amount of fees for it. They show you the names of big brands and then use affiliate link so that they can get rid of false advertising. I know this is not exactly a scam but it isn't the right way either.

Just imagine how will the consumer feel when he registers for the website and login. What they will discover is that their registry is not at all integrated as they have thought would look like. How will the seller feel who paying $25 a month finds out they haven't sold a single wholesale item. People do not exactly go to their site and place orders, they are redirecting to the affiliates site which is incorrect.

So that is all, right now I have found out only these two scams. If in future I found few more I will definitely list them here.

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