Friday, July 31, 2009

The four successful Cs of affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is giving a huge business turnover to the major business house who are participating in this business. What are the basic theory these companies are applying. That is what I would be sharing with this post. There are four major Cs which needs to be followed by any affiliate programs and I believe these Cs will do wonders for you and your program.
to make your affiliate graph like this you need to follow the four Cs explained below

Let me explain each of them one by one in details so that all of you can get a fair idea about them.

1.) The content should be written in a way it attracts visitors from all over the world. It should be written in a very simple language highlighting the main features of your affiliate program which can compel the visitors coming back to your affiliate program. If possible hire a good copywriter who can give you the best content for your website.

2.) To get the maximum number of clicks apply a good Call to Action. Try things which others haven't tried with their programs. Try to implement different kind of offers, words, colors, placements etc. The best thing you can do here is to put multiple calls to action on the page. To get the best optimized result always test your calls to action before hand. Apply the best design you can, keep your site's theme on the basis of your program. Make navigation as easy as possible for the visitors. Use words like "Click Here", "Try it" or "Buy Now" etc.

Please note : You may use several calls to action. Not a problem. But make sure you are not promoting FUD i.e. fear, uncertainty and doubt in the mind of the visitor.

3.) After calls to action, the most important thing to be kept in mind is the Click-Through process. With click-through I mean when any visitor sees a button which is highlighted there is an obvious chances he/she will click on the button to find out whats inside. Remember that a one small click can change the sales turnover and make a huge difference.

Please note : A high click through means that you were totally successful with point # 1 and 2 above. So your half of the work is done.

4.) The most important point to remember is the Conversion Rate. By conversion I mean that you are successful in an action you wanted to take place. maybe a sale or filling out any forms.

To be successful in affiliate marketing it is very important to increase the conversion rate which you can achieve only if you are successful with the first 3 points discussed above. The high conversion rate in affiliate marketing is in the hands of the merchant itself.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Witnessed the longest solar eclipse of the Century

For the 1st time in my lifetime, I have witnessed something so beautiful, so natural. I am actually lucky that I was able to witness such a thing in my life. This blog post especially for those who actually missed the chance to view the eclipse that took place today and lasted for more than 6 minutes, the longest solar eclipse ever.

The live picture that was taken from NASA today early in the morning on 22nd July, 2009.

The 22nd July solar eclipse has caused the tourist interest all over the world starting from India to China. It began in India and from there moon's shadow started turning over across the eastern Asia. The track of the eclipse crossed in the early morning in China where people experienced it for around 6 minutes. From there the track gradually started moving towards the pacific ocean.

The longest eclipse was of 195 miles that is east of Iwo Jima where people witnessed the eclipse for 6.39 minutes.

Solar Eclipse, 2009 as seen from Shanghai

This eclipse was second in the series of three eclipses in a month, the 1st one that happened on july 7 which was a luner eclipse and the other one which is yet to come is on August 6 (also a luner eclipse)

It was visible totally in the cities of India including Surat, Varanasi, Vadodara, Bhopal, Patna, Siliguri, Guwahati and few cities of China including Wuhan, Wuxi, Huzhou, Suzhou, Jiaxing etc. As per the reports came early this morning Taregana in Patna (India) was the best place where this eclipse was witnessed.

As seen from Taregana in India at 6:38 am

The next same solar eclipse will be viewed in the year June 13, 2132.

Do not miss to watch the live video which was taken from NASA this morning :

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sixth Harry Potter movie breaks all previous records

As per The Financial, the daily newspaper of New York, the latest harry potter movie, "Harry Potter and the half blood prince" has earned more than $60 million on the opening day at the theaters in US. The sixth Harry Potter movie has broken all the previous profit earning records of previous movies.

"Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix" earned around $43.7 million as per Warner Bros on its opening day couple of years back and earned around $142 million after one week which was an outstanding performance by any movie.

The sixth series of J.K.Rowling's Harry Potter series was scheduled to release in November 2008 but was finally released on 15th of this month. In Russia, the movie was released on 16th July and was hosted in more than 900 cinemas.

Earlier "the Dark Knight" was able to make records of highest selling movie on the opening day but "Harry Potter and the half blood prince" was succeeded in breaking its records too. The international earnings of Harry Potter movie was $46 million on the opening day which made the total of more than $100 million on the very first day.

This movie is seriously something to watch out for!!!

Balancing full time job with a full time degree

Last week I met a friend, Joe and we had a long discussion on how a student can balance both full time degree and full time job together. He himself is doing his PG Course in MBA and plus he is working full time in an MNC. He has shared his experiences with me which I will be sharing with my friends and readers.

All the students doesn't have the benefits of College Savings Account or balance funds which might help us for our higher studies. So what are the options we can apply in these type of cases.

I know the idea is not suitable for every student but for some it might just do the trick, i.e. to work full time.

There are many people who give us such advices everyday that is not to work when you have applied for a full time courses. But is this advice a good one or the bad one? Yes, only if, you devote your 100% for your studies and No if, you are realistic about your financial conditions. Lets face it now. Lets be practical. Do we really spend our whole day in studies??

People often discuss with me that why should I work full time when I have applied for a full time course in the University. Students have a habit of lying to themselves that they will focus on their curriculum 100%. But this is not at all true in the case of 99% students. They spend their whole day in doing irrelevant activities like spending their time either on Facebook or partying in lounges with no occasion. I would prefer working, making extra money and finishing the University with not a single debt in hand.

How to Work Full Time with a Full Time Course??

These advices are given by Joe on how he managed the full time course with his job.

1.) Optimizing your Time is very important

It is better to spend your time in making money rather sitting whole day on facebook and messengers. If you really want to get connected with your friends, then find a place to work where your friends are working. I am working in a MNC right now and when I joined there I din knew anyone there, but since some of my friends were working there, now I know everyone there.

2.) Apply for good work Opportunities

If you are giving this excuse that you are not working because you are not able to find the right job for yourself, then I guess you are looking for the wrong job opportunities. Let me discuss few ideas which might be suitable for working students.

  • Within the Campus : Receptionist, security in charge, Assistant to teachers, Administrators and every position that is within the campus.
  • off campus : you can do internship for couple of months with any media house or any shops in malls, private tutor, freelancing jobs, and any other job where you are capable of handling it.
3.) Prioritizing your work

Always keep in mind that activities of your university should be given the 1st preference. You should never spend working extra time if you have an exam. I only take off from work during my semester exams. At that period I provide my 100% to studies only. After my exams I focus 100% on my work.

4.) keep a balance between professional and personal life

You should try to take out time for everything. Everything here includes university, work, family, friends and many other important work. My girlfriend never forces me to come and party with her because she understands my values and my work. when I work I only work, but when I party, I forget everything else.

5.) Once in a blue moon is fine

Always reward yourself and plan an outing with friends or families once in two months. Go on a vacation at places where you can forget all your stress and enjoy your time with family and friends.

6.) Realize the Importance of balancing

Many times there will be nights when I will be missing loads of fun and parties, But I do not regret about it. Because I am happy that one day I will complete my PG Course with not a single Debt in my hand. I would be having enough of money to invest and save after I graduate and join my 1st professional job.

P.S. these advices are specially for those students who waste their time on Facebook, orkut and other social networking communities.

Concluding Thoughts

I am sure I haven't given any boring lectures. Its just that Saurabh is a good friend of mine and he requested my to provide advice from my real life experience. There are many students who wants to work really hard so that they can escape from the pressures of student loans, but they are not getting good jobs.

Students are facing a lot of problems as they are drowning in high debts. Often people in their 20s are making financial decisions which might not be correct and that is taking them into entirely wrong path.

I hope I was able to help at least some of these type of students in some way or the other.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

10 Minutes, 10 Months, 10 Years

Whenever you need to make a tough and quick decision, what you require is loads of guts. Have you ever thought of checking your reactions before applying for such guts. When we make a tough decision how can we so sure that we are making the right decision.

I just completed reading this book called "10-10-10" by Suzy Welch in which she has offered some simple formulas called 10-10-10 which encourages value based decision making in short, mid and long term. I really liked the book and so I decided to write a review on it.

The best part of the book is that the author has asked each of her readers to ask three questions with each decisions. What will be the consequences of my decisions ??

  • in the next ten minutes
  • in the next ten days
  • in the next ten years
In the book of 222 pages she has expressed her ideas, how she make decisions, as well as decision of her other devotees following the 10-10-10 concept. I will pick a wonderful example from the book.

Natalie, mother of two sons, was her on way to the funeral when she received two text messages. The eldest sons wrote that his ride from home soccer had fallen and other one from her husband who wrote that he wont be able to take the younger son to the doctor because he is busy.

Her gut feeling immediately asked her to skip the funeral. Now in ten minutes she had to chose between any of the two, either take her younger son to the doctor or buy a new ride for her elder son. In ten months, she would have missed the chance to meet so many relatives and in ten years she should teach her sons to be responsible enough. So, attending the funeral was her right decision.

I must say that this 10-10-10 process will definitely help me in the long run to make the correct decisions. It will give time to think about what is more important to me even when I have to make immediate decisions. It is surely " A Life-Transforming Idea "

let me know if you start following the 10-10-10 process.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Finally I Got into Affiliate Marketing

Finally I decided to move to Affiliate Marketing Department. I have no idea whether affiliate marketing is facing a downturn or not, but I just enjoy working for DebtCC as an Affiliate Manager. I was handed over this post so that I can give a new turn to the Affiliate department of DebtCC.

Today's post is just on that. What is Affiliate marketing all about? The pros and cons and many more.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is nothing but an online business in which affiliates are get paid through affiliate programs and advertising for the promotion of that business. Affiliates get a commission that is based on the amount of business a particular website is bringing for the merchant company. Affiliate marketing is often referred as network marketing or multi-level marketing. But this is not at all true. It is basically a cost-effective marketing where many companies owe huge amount of money to their affiliates.

Internet Marketers strive on residual income which can be earned only online. To survive in this industry you need to be the smartest player or else you can never succeed.

Why you should go for Affiliate Marketing?

It is one of the most staple form of advertising that has come into existence, bringing business for all types of e-commerce. The best part of affiliate marketing is that very less number of risk is involved here. Affiliates earn a fixed amount or a commission based on the number of sales he brings for the merchant i.e. the owner of a product.

Also, it bears no cost for the affiliates to set up the affiliate program or promote it. They just need to put a banner or an affiliate link and they earn only if the lead is generated or converted which is advantageous for both merchants and the affiliates.

The process of affiliate marketing

How to select a good Affiliate Business?

The best way to choose a good affiliate business is asking yourself in which field you are interested in? Finance, technology, homes, etc. Be a part of DebtCC Affiliate Program and I am sure earning dollars will be cake walk for you.

Affiliate Marketing is a trend, people are earning huge with this business and I am sure this will reach to the peak in the coming few months.

Friday, July 3, 2009

All the best Betty

This post is totally dedicated to my dearest friend, Betty Parker, who has helped me a lot in maintaining my personal finance blog, Allfinancehelp. It was because of her dedication and hard work that my blog has gained so much visitors and value in the eyes of search engines.

With full blessings, I am thanking you Betty. Your co-operation is highly appreciated. From now on I will be again taking care of my blog completely since Betty has got busy with some other work.

I wish Betty all the best for all the endeavors of her life.

Best Regards,

Samuel Sanders
(Saurabh Dhanuka)