Friday, March 20, 2009

Bill Gates back as a World's Richest Man

With utmost regret we have to say that Warren Buffet is no longer the world's richest person. Different economic structures is affecting each and everyone, even to those who we considered to be a millionaire. A very interesting example is in front of us that is of Warren Buffet. As soon as Forbes released its list of world's richest billionaire, it was in fact shocking to see that Buffet's crown has been succeeded to the Microsoft Owner.

Bill Gates, World's Richest Business Tycoon

If we check the records of last year data from US Magazine Forbes, it showed that Bill Gates was at number 3 whereas Warren Buffet standing at number one position followed by Mexican Carlos Slim Helu. There is no doubt that all of them have lost huge lump sum of money, but Bill Gates was quite lucky to leave his rivals behind and take the number one position.

The legendary investor in one of his interview commented that,"this market structure is unpredictable, today Bill is at number one, maybe tomorrow I will again regain his position." Hats off to his confidence in this economic turmoil. Owner of US $40, Bill Gates, has got no hard feelings against his best friend Warren Buffet, and why would he have. In 2009 there are around 790 billionaires which was 1120 in the year 2008, that is, almost a downfall of 30%. All the billionaires had a total amount of US $ 4.4 trillion in their pockets, which is now fallen to US $ 2.4 trillion.

Warren Buffet, No Longer World's Richest Business Tycoon

It is for the first time in 8 years that the list of billionaires in the world has gone down. The total amount lost by the top 3 billionaires in this economic wasteland was US $ 64 billion.

My Concern, What I feel

In this frozen economy where it is difficult to find good jobs, it is hard to predict future but if these billionaires are losing such a huge amount of money which means they will invest less in business and that will result in lesser jobs in the market. Bottom line is that due to this turmoil they all would like to regain their position back in the market, which is only possible if they start looking for some good and new ventures.
If they will start looking for new ventures, definitely they would require good people to work with them which indeed will increase the employment opportunities once again.

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Benjamin Lee said...

Warren Buffett had always been an icon for us who want to follow in his footsteps.

Betty Parker said...

I truly agree with you Benjamin.. he is definitely a true icon of the young generation.