Thursday, March 5, 2009

Get a Sound Job Advise during Recession

I went to meet my old colleague last weekend. He was working with a Multinational Company, but I was so shocked to meet him when I came to know that he is searching for a new job. He was very depressed. This all is happening because of this recession. The worst economic time has taken place and it is very important for people to look for a good career counseling.

As per the recent surveys it has been proved that the unemployment rate in United States has gone up to 16% in 2009 which was 13% in 2008. But you shouldn't loose hope, you can still perform well in this lousy economy. What I think is that this is not at all a good time to switch your job. Just be patient and follow these economical steps.

1.) Do a quick research: just plan out for the time being what you are looking for? Chose only that profile in which you think you can give your BEST. Just check the job which you are currently doing, does it promise a sound future for you or not. Do not switch your job until and unless you are confident the new job that you have opt for is the best for you and your future.

2.) Talk with Potential People at work: always remember that people who have got good experience are the only people who can help you in the best efficient manner. Consider their advise as an asset. They can actually provide you better idea on the current market structure.

3.) Avoid taking help from Online Job Portals: Remember one thing that at this point of time the online job portals are totally crowded with the freshers. So, do not waste your time searching for jobs on job portals sites. Instead of this you can build your own network of potential employers.

4.) Ask yourself: before opting for any company always ask yourself few questions like is this company the best for me? Is this the company which have the best work environment? before going for an interview prepare yourself with all the questions regarding current market structure.

5.) Take a wise Investment decision: If you are planning to start your own business in this economic turn down then think twice before investing your savings into low profile business ventures. Try to be very innovative at this hour because an innovative mind can create miracles.

6.) Prove your efficiency: This is the best time when you can impress your boss. Do something which nobody in your company has ever done say for example any of your decision has worked out to bring double profit for the company. Maybe, your past experiences can prove assets for your current work profile.

7.) Think flexible: by flexible here I mean that at this point of time accept whatever position is coming to your way and try to prove yourself in that position. Like for example you maybe have worked as a manager in any company for two years and now other company is offering you a post of assistant manager, do not let it go. Try to be more efficient in that. Apply your managerial ideas in that post and I am sure you will achieve more than the previous one.

8.) Try to be a problem solver not just an employee: try to solve all the targets before the time assigned to you. This will be the best time when you can prove that you are an asset to the company. Make that company dependent on you, you don't need to depend on the company.

9.) count your performances: Keep a track of all the work you are performing at work everyday. work on your weak areas and try not to repeat the same mistake again and again. Do a complete market study of the present scenario and work according to that.

10.) Adopt Freelancing: Freelancing is the best option to do until the economy turns green again. This is the best way by which you can add flowing income to yourself. Always keep part time job above full time jobs.

Lastly, I will just say that don't just sit at home and keep thinking about the bad economy. Until and unless you try you will never be able to achieve it. So try and try until you succeed.

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