Monday, March 2, 2009

Make Your Boss Feel Comfortable During Recession

Dear Boss

We know that you are passing through a very bad phase right now, but this is the time when we all can prove our unity and dedication towards our work. You don't have to be upset at all. We all are with you. But trust me our condition is worse than yours. But we promise to stand by your side in each and every difficult situation that comes to your way. I have consulted few colleagues from our company and all of us has pointed out few things that we all should follow during Recession.

Never give an excuse of Recession to your employees

Please this is my humble request to you that never tell your employees that the company is not progressing because of economic turn down. This is the best excuse that anyone can give for the downfall of company's profit. It is better to find out the way of converting those profits into loss rather continuously talking about the losses. And as it is very clear that the reason of continuous losses is Recession. There is no need of keeping regular meetings and discussing on Recession. Infact it will be great if we discuss some innovative policies in those meetings which can actually make our condition better.

Appreciate your employee's effort rather blaming them for the losses

We have seen many times that everyday you call one or the other employee in your cabin and make him responsible for the losses of the company. This should be avoided. We are your assets not your liabilities. If because of us you are in losses then you should not forget that there was a time when you were awarded the best Managing Director because of us only. It was because of our dedication and hard work that we were at top for the past five years.

We are trying our best to cut the extra expenses

It is not that we are not at all concerned about the losses the company is facing, even we watch news regularly. We know what is the present situation right now. And trust me we are trying our best to cut down the extra expenses of our office. We are now switching on the AC's only for two hours in the whole day, we are working on laptops at home, we have started bringing food from home rather eating in the Office canteen. You should feel great that each and every staff member of your company is spending endless time at work.

Very important to plan out an official budget

It is high time that we prepare an official budget so that there is no extra wastage at the office premises. We should not spend money on irrelevant matters right now. Say for example last week you declared the vacation holiday for the best client of the quarter which was nothing but a complete wastage of money. With that money we could have hired few financial analyst to look after financial affairs of the company.

Have confidence in your staff member and share your decisions with us

If you are taking any official decision then it is very important for you to keep that plan in front of everyone, take everybody's views not only the higher authorities. You never know a peon of the company can come up with some great ideas.

Please note: This is just my personal advice, this post is not written to hurt anyone's feelings

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