Friday, March 13, 2009

Is GOOGLE ready for the Bad Economy?

No matter what ever is the economic condition, Google is always set to high in terms of its Revenue. There is no doubt about the fact that the stocks of Google is falling everyday, but despite all these Google is very well surviving in the economic turmoil. Google is famous for its safe game that it plays during bad recession. We all are very aware of its game that is "AdSense Text Market Program" which is attracting more and more customers everyday making Google more efficient day by day.

If we talk about the advertising budget of Google this program will be last thing that Google CEO, Eric Schmidt will talk about. I attended the launch of Google Chrome and during its launch one of the reporters asked Eric, "How is Google surviving in the times of Recession?" Eric, replied, "No Comments". Everyone is now aware of this secret. Google is earning lots of revenues especially overseas.

The position of Google is very stable in the market. It is not only dependent on one market conditions. Eric Schmidt said that "it is better to prepare in advance for the losses". And so does he. During recession the launch of Google Chrome itself marks the positioning of Google in the bad Economy. The stocks of Google are often undervalued, even then it is growing at a stable rate. Google's stock week high was $747 which went down straight away to $ 421 which was like a disastrous change.

It is also true that there is no particular accountability in the pay per click program of Google. Many times it has happened that even though using the paid ad system of Google, at the end of the day Google handovers the bill to the companies using that program. This is not at all expected from a company like Google. This itself proves that Google is passing by the bad times and as a result of this they are charging to the companies lump sum amount.

It has been seen that when any company is asking for the verification of their ads and the place where there ads are being clicked, Google has got no answers. Google is totally hampering its goodwill and faith in the market. If Google can provide the list of bills due, obviously they should provide with the verification code where the ads are being clicked and generated.

I am sure that Google is playing a very smart game with us. But this will not continue for long. There will be time when people will take their ad business somewhere else but not to Google anymore. Is Google ready for the bad economy? Yes it has always been the smartest player in the market and will always be for the next 100 years.

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