Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I want to be a Slumdog Millionaire

Are you among those financial success seeker who are interested in knowing only one thing that is how you can get out of depression and become financially free. If you are not looking for some help then you are most welcome to close this window and carry on with your other important work. But if you are really interested to become financially independent then I welcome you to study my tips so that your financial future is safe and secure.

I m not writing this post for myself but I m writing this post only for those poor people who have been through several financial websites promising you the secret to become rich. I am totally aware of this and that is the reason I m not comparing myself from those black sheep, I just want to prove that i m someone who really mean whatever i say.

What is the reason that people never get rich?? The reason is very simple that these people passes through a similar mindset giving excuses to themselves like " i m just unlucky " , " i m too old to earn more", "I don't get any opportunity" or maybe something like " my big family prevents me from saving money". I know many people who have created wealth without these perceived disadvantages. You have acknowledge one thing that is you create your own future and no other excuses should stop you. If you follow the below strategies, I am sure you yourself will discover the method of wealth creation. You will find a way that you can make money at any age, with any background, with little or no money and in any economy.

Once you realize that YOU are in total control of your financial success the next step should be to know these Financial Strategies. These steps you will not find in any book or Cds, these wealth creating steps are self made which all the millionaires of today posses and practices.

1.) Set Your Financial Goals of Life: wealth is something that you cant earn sitting at home, you need to have a clear financial goal for obtaining it. I asked many people that what goals you have set to become rich and I get a blank answer from them. This is a major reason they are never able to achieve enough wealth.

2.) Have a million dollar mindset: Always have a mindset like that of a millionaire. Adopt certain habits of millionaires and the moment this is done you yourself will feel the change within you.

3.) Increase Your Income heavily: This is very important is a way that is you will be able to craft out your proper financial plan. Crafting out the financial plan keeping in mind your income is itself a road to financial success.

4.) Craft out your Financial Plan: After setting targets and after you have decided how much you will accumulate, develop an efficient plan to achieve it. Always keep one thing is mind the moment you start taking action on your plan, your dreams starts becoming the reality.

5.) Reduce your Expenses: Dont keep this wrong perception that by increasing your income the wealth will automatically increase. Person earning $ 2000 can also broke and a person earning $ 20000 can also broke. The reason is that they dont manage the money they earn.

6.) Try to get Millionaire Returns: Build your fortune by increasing your income and reducing your expenses. Apply the theory of compounding with which you can turn your small finances into big ones.

7.) Fortune Protection: Hire insurance advisors, lawyers, accountants to protect your fortune from creditors and the government who can always take a big amount of your wealth in the form of taxes.

I personally believe that if you follow these steps today and apply them right now, you yourself will start feeling the changes. If after following these steps you still face the problem, feel free to contact me on my e-mail address.

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