Friday, March 27, 2009

India Shining with TATA Nano

I am sure all of us are already aware of this term "NANO", which is in news for the past couple of years. With four people sitting comfortably this 3 meters long car will be seen on the roads of India from April, 2009. The tag line for the same "the people's car" is the best suited as this car has been designed for the common man, said Chairman of Tata Group, Mr. Ratan Tata. The promise was made to the people on January, 10th that the world's smallest car will be unveiled at Rs. 1 Lakh ONLY same price of a DVD player in Lexus.

A brief History in the Making of Tata Nano

"It happened by chance" said Ratan Tata in an interview with Financial Times in Geneva. He was asked by one of the reporters that what is his future out comings. Then he replied that we are about to launch a small budget car very soon. The reporter questioned back, that would be the cost of that car? Ratan Tata smiled and answered, "Rs 1 Lakh". Next day in Financial Times it was the headline. It was just an assumption that Ratan Tata made and the media thought he was serious.

Ratan Tata thought that now since whole world knows about this, why not we give it a try. He came back to his office, called an urgent meeting, discussed the plan, and the goal was achieved. He also said to the media that

" Whenever we are entering into some new venture there is a risk, when we launched Tata Indica, there was a risk too but we conquered the market. Once again it is the time to conquer."

Expectations from Tata Nano

People in India are spending too much buying inexpensive bikes, so Tata Nano will definitely appeal to the low income group families since it is a very cheap car and has got four seats. The main aim is to provide full comfort to the rural India. The car is affordable to them and suits all weather transports.

Comprising of 33 bhp two cylinder petrol engine, weighs around half a tonne. The normal version of Tata Nano will be deprived of few features such as air bags, automatic locking, seat belts, power steering, radio and air conditions. Excellent leg space and head rooms makes this car more efficient.

A team of 500 people have worked on creating the NANO. With this it is very clear that India can actually compete on the world Auto Market as an innovative car makers. The car will be sold in India for 2 to 3 years and later will be launched the European as well as American Version.

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hey! it will surely be a proud moment for INDIA when the nano hits the roads!!