Friday, May 8, 2009

My Sister's Birthday : An analysis of what we spent

Few days back I praised about my sister's saving plan here. It was her birthday yesterday which proved to me extremely expensive and though I was not at all guilty of spending huge sum of money for my loving sis, yet I learnt a lot with these expenses and trying to make myself prepared for next year. I have decided that from now on for any family occasion even I will save money like my sis do.

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Sam

I wanted with my readers to share where our money was actually spent :

1. loads and loads of Roses (as Samantha loves them a lot) : $ 100
2. two dozen of birthday balloons : $ 10
3. yummy pineapple cake : $ 15 (approx.)
4. Decoration papers : $ 5
5. A beautiful hand bag for Samantha : $ 100
6. birthday cards : $ 5
7. Gas for cooking : $ 15
8. Organized Dinner : $ 150

Total : $ 400 (Gosh!!!)

We made a budget of around $ 250 and all the extra amount of money was paid by me. The reason was I organized for the party, I invited all her friends and relatives. But I was not at all aware that she had a huge group of friends. I have saved some amount of my free money and kept them for my mobile phone bills. But now i do not have a single penny for the bills. But more than these payments was important my sister's happiness which I believe I was successful in.

Nothing is more important to me than my Sister's u lots...!!

Its better to make a card with hand rather purchasing it from market. So, I guess I have realized my mistake and that is it is very important to save money in advance and as a result of all this I have decided to save money this year for Christmas. I hope you had a great birthday Samantha!!

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