Saturday, May 16, 2009

What if you have an Emergency?

The word "if" has got a very important factor in everyone's life. What IF I lose my job? What IF my dad expires tomorrow? What IF I get divorce from my spouse tomorrow. The list is endless. Me and my sister Samantha were out for a drive last night. I was kind of drunk and din see the No Entry board. The police caught us and had he asked us to pay a fine of $200. The worst part is we din had a single penny. It was very embarrassing for us. In time of Emergency we din had a single penny.

Saving a single penny can help you in the case of Emergencies

So, with this we both learnt that we should always get ready to face any kind of emergency at any point of time. I am writing this post to let all of you know what few things I have learned with this unusual night. Basically, ways to get yourself prepared in case of Emergency.

1.) Most importantly, I have started saving more and more money. It is always advisable to have an emergency fund with you. It has always helped me in the most crucial times. I am just waiting for the day when I will be fully funded. Maybe by 2015 or so.

2.) Get yourself Insured : The 1st thing I will do tomorrow is to get myself an Health Insurance as well as Auto Insurance. I know it is very costly but I have consulted a friend and he would help me in getting a cheaper one. Even he will help me in getting a long term Life Insurance. You never know maybe a big accident is waiting for you at the door steps.

3.) I have decided to write my own will : In any case I am not alive I would be very happy if my family will be able to utilize my income. No matter I am single or married, I would always want my family to take care of my income in any case of emergency.

4.) My dad advised me to keep the copies of all the important documents like birth certificates, important bills, all my health records, power of attorney etc.

Get Yourself prepared in any sort of Emergencies like Fire Break out in your home.

5.) I have also decided to make an inventory of all my belongings. I have a great plan for this. I will take a snap or a video of all my important documents and data. Then I ll record all the items in the spreadsheet of my laptop and give the password to my mom. So, whenever I am not there she ll be able to take care of it.

6.) Also, I have decided to make a list of emergency phone numbers. These can include local police station number, family doctor's number or maybe neighbor's personal phone number.

7.) Emergency Kit for my Car : Whenever I am going for long drives with my friends or family there are many things which I should keep in my car which might be helpful to me in the case of emergency. Things like : first-aid box, blanket, towel, books, plastic bags etc.

8.) I ll keep in mind to do things before hand in the case of natural disasters. So i have decided to make a list of few things that I need to carry with me If I am suppose to leave a house in emergencies like fire breakout, or earthquake hit. Things like medicines, food, water, my hard drive, box of my jewelery, my wallet etc.

9.) Life line file : This is a file where I will record all my email id's and bank account passwords and all.

Now I have got enough of emergency funds that will me in case of Emergencies

10.) plan plan and plan : I had make sure that I will always plan things before hand not even getting a chance of emergency to happen.

If you have any other emergency plan do share it with us.

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