Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I don’t trust Wall Street

I’m not sure when it started. It’s been going on so long that everyone takes it for granted. What am I talking about? The pitiful returns that the financial industry titans train you to expect on your stock or mutual fund investments.

I’d like the name of the evil genius on Wall Street who decided to brain wash the investing public into believing that a 5% to 15% rate of return on investment was good enough and you ought to be happy with it.

Now the financial ‘gurus’ and their willing accomplices in the media parrot these painful numbers as if they were gospel.

I have to laugh, but it covers up my cringe. The wool is being pulled over your eyes! If you only average 10% returns on your investments, you are treading water. That’s barely keeping up with the true rate of inflation.

If I couldn’t crush that return blindfolded I’d close down Platinum Properties Investor Network today! 30% is our low end target and we normally do better than that.

I am a nice girl and don’t want to beat up the Wall Street advisers for fun, but it makes me mad to hear the dangerous information they peddle under the guise of investment advice. It’s not an understatement to call it dangerous. It’s dangerous to you and the solidity of the financial empire you’re building.

Lower Wall Street
The cold, hard truth is Wall Street is one of the best snake oil salesman in history, pushing a product that’s a poor quality asset class (stocks, bonds, mutual funds). Fancy words and clothes don’t hide the fact that the Street has always been a terrible place to put your money when compared to a genuine quality asset class like investment properties.

Don’t believe the lie. It could hurt you where it really counts – in the pocketbook.

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