Friday, May 8, 2009

The Most Odd Things about Betty Parker

Now since its been so long I am writing a blog, its time that all of you know fee craziest and odd things about me. I have just tried to make it interesting for all of you so that you enjoy each and every part of it.

Ok now it is a time to buckle up your seat belts and hold back yourself tightly. Here we go!!

1.) I eat cheese pasta almost everyday. (especially when Samantha cooks it for me)

I just love eating Cheese Pasta
2.) Before going for a drink with friends I always visit the church nearby my house.
3.) I am addicted to TV show Big Brother.
4.) Every time I say I hate the music of Enrique, but the truth is he is my favorite singer.
5.) People believe I am a very good singer, but the fact is I have never sung any song in my entire life..hahaha...

Isn't he good looking??? Enrique.. my favorite singer..

6.) My parents think I am a very decent girl, but I am not so decent. I have tried everything from drugs to alcohol.
7.) My favorite drink is Virgin Mary followed by 8 cubes of Ice.
8.) At age of 17 I ran with my ex-bf to Miami and came back after couple of days.
9.) I am a national level Lawn Tennis player.
10.) I become very competitive when I am playing rugby.
11.) I hold a degree in Linux Software Programming.
12.) I always say I hate back bitching...though personally I love doing it... (top secret)

Miami, the hottest holiday destination and my favorite too..
13.) I try experimenting with my hairstyle. I have tried almost more than 60 hairstyles till date.
14.) Writing is my passion since school days. I have won loads of awards for creative writing in school.
15.) I thought I will be able to complete this post in less than 15 minutes, but I actually spent 40 minutes on it.
16.) I have dated more than 25 guys till date. But I found no one of my type till date. I have got approx more than 75 proposals till date. (no wonder I am so pretty)
17.) I love to dance. As soon as I hear fast music my feet automatically starts moving.
18.) I am a big animal fan. And I have decided to open an animal farm very soon.
19.) Nobody at my place knows that I had been arrested twice for rash driving.
20) I can spend any amount of money for pineapple cake.
21.) I hate people with body odor.
22.) I still do not understand why guys wear low waist jeans. They look so dumb in that.
23.) My sister Samantha is my best friend and will always be.
24.) Once I won a lottery of $ 5000 but I lost the ticket.
25.) I love traveling. I have been on world tour when I was in college with one of my ex Bf.

There are many many more things and secrets of Betty Parker which people are not aware. Obviously I can't include everything here but I hope all of you now know many things about ME. Do leave your comments and views about Me. :)


Paul Cheema said...

Hi Betty,
I wish everyone was as truthful as you. Nicely done and played well with the words. No doubt you might have won many awards in writing. Keep up.
Take care

Betty Parker said...

Hey Paul thanks for those wonderful words. I really appreciate it. :)