Thursday, April 30, 2009

Time is more Important than Money

Last weekend after I quit my job, i went to my cousin's place in California and we had a gala time there. In her neighborhood, I met my high school friend Alicia after almost 8 years. We discussed and remembered loads of things that we did in high school. The motive of me writing this post is that I wanted to share with all of you one very important thing that we discussed on Sunday.

Alicia and Me at the age of 7 in California

I told her everything, about my job, my debts, and also about my present conditions since I was very upset with whatever happened. I told her that I have become a professional blogger now. She was looking at my face as if I have used some weird words. She told me she have got no idea about this blogging and all. Then I explained her about my goals of personal blogging. I wanted others to avoid the financial mistakes which I have made in my life.

Alicia and ME in high school, in California

Then I asked her that what was she doing all this while. She told me that she got married as soon as she completed her graduation. She was married to a handsome guy who was in military. She also have two very cute daughters, Marcia and Amanda. She told me that she joined a Corporate Industry as an HR. I was really happy for her. She was earning good salary with the job.

I just looked at a photograph that had Alicia with her smart husband and daughters. I asked her where is her husband. She looked at me and started crying. She replied, "He is no MORE". Tears start rolling down my cheeks. She told me she can still earn a lot but how will she earn happiness in life. Money is not important for me. What is more important is the TIME that I had spent with my family.

Alicia and Me in California on this weekend. I tried my level best to make her feel good. And I guess I was successful

That day I realized that in Life there is something that is more important than money and that is TIME. My financial goals are important to me but nothing is more valuable that the time I spent with my family. I love you mom and dad. You are the most loving thing that has happened to me in this life.

Time is not Money, Time is more Important than Money....

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