Thursday, April 30, 2009

I had to Quit my Job

Yes you have heard it right. I have quit one of my part time jobs yesterday. I have been working part time in a sports club as a supervisor for lawn tennis. Lawn Tennis has always been one of my favorite sports. I was the sports captain too in my high school and since playing lawn tennis was my passion i decided to join the tennis academy here in my neighborhood as a supervisor. I never got an opportunity to play for US so just decided to play at the national level. I had been working there for around 7 years, but circumstances made me quit my job.

I was damn upset that afternoon, but I had no choice but to QUIT my job.

I really enjoyed every part of it. It was so good to meet new people, new students, their parents but from the past couple of months i was not able to manage both my work and tennis together. The tennis session was shifted during the day time, the time when i am completely involved in my work. After I came back home I just checked how much have i earned. Below you will find the details.

Earnings : $ 1200 (approx.)
Anticipated Earnings : $ 500

Therefore, Total Earnings : $ 1700

My Expenditures

household work : $ 200
clothing : $100
eating out : $500

My Total Expenditure: $ 800

Earnings - Expenditure = $ 900 (and $300 for future earnings too)

My left Savings as a Tennis Supervisor and Coach

I was shocked to calculate these figures. I finally realized that I am spending too much on eating out as well as on clothing. So i decided that i will be more frugal now and will eat most of the time at home itself. I also decided that I will work very hard at my official workplace so that I can earn good amount of incentives.

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