Friday, May 7, 2010

Is it a Wise Idea to Invest in Goldman Sachs?

Goldman Sachs has become the worst place in United States because of its recent milestones. The reasons are :

1.) All the residents of America are very angry with Goldman

2.) Investors are too worried about their stocks which went down about 13% as soon as Security Exchange Commission's news broke.

3.) The SEC still believes that the company has broken all their laws.

4.) GS is taking the fall for the entire mortgage crisis and economic downfall.

5.) They are referred as "Bad Guy" these days.

How does it matter that Goldman Sachs has done anything wrong or not? What they are doing right now is that they are are taking huge public relations right now. I don't know how many of you watched the senatorial hearings last weekend, the Government is only blaming GS for the entire Global Warming.

So why would person invest their money in Goldman Sachs's stocks?

Because our own Warren Buffet asked us to. I would like to quote what he mentioned in the last media hearing last weekend. He still thinks Goldman is the only attractive stock right now :

He said, "Be greedy when others are fearing and be fearful when others are greedy"

I guess this only suits Goldman and no one else. And you know what? Warren Buffet himself owns $5 billion worth of stocks of Goldman with a 10% sweet dividend and that is why he is backing the reputation of the company in public.

Goldman Sachs has been always famous for having smartest people working in its company. In fact it still holds this position. No matter the company is found guilty of any wrong deeds or not, the reputation of GS will not at all hamper in the long run.

I am not at all advising you to buy the stocks of Goldman Sachs but if you are a fan of its stock from before, this would be the best time to renew it. Remember, that a 13% discount doesn't come that often. All the best.

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