Friday, May 7, 2010

Be Your Own Marketing Mentor

Whenever it comes to marketing, most of the time we remember that person who taught us a new way of thinking with regard to marketing and terms related to it. It might be anyone from the author of the book, a speaker at an industry seminar, or maybe any relative business show. With all the entrepreneurial enthusiasm I found out 10 most successful business men and women quotes related to marketing and its related industry. So, I just thought of sharing the list with all of you.

1.) Jeff Widman (Marketing Mentor : Seth Godin)

Be the first to sell the experience and relationship and not just the widget of the space. Widgets are sold by second place company whose only aim is to gain market share to compete on prices.

2.) Everett Reiss (Marketing Mentor : Jim Kukral)

Always develop a content that solve queries of your target audience's problem. No matter its perfect or not but it should be very relevant and helpful for them.

3.) Armelle Cloche (Marketing Mentor : Jay Abraham)

There are only 3 ways of increasing business profits : increase the number of clients, number of sales per client and number of times client returns and buy again.

4.) Ciara Pressler (Marketing Mentor : Jack Trout)

Differentiation should be the key. There should always be a competition so that you can perform better every day. They have to identify and promote things which make their products worth buying.

5.) Lora Carr (Marketing Mentor : Sarah Petty)

No need to leave co-marketing alone. With other boutique business it makes more sense

6.) Claudia Copquin (Marketing Mentor : Jim Mc Cann)

Never be afraid of asking any question. With no marketing budget also you can come out as a large company.

7.) Jason Cannon (Marketing Mentor : Sarah Petty)

If you have a strong product, are passionate at what you do, you love people and your community, then you will definitely enjoy your job from all the prospects.

8.) Adam Kleinberg (Marketing Mentor : Brook Lundy)

Only great creative ideas matters and can survive.

9.) Sean Horrigan (Marketing Mentor : David Meerman Scott)

Always believe what you publish. Each and every business has got its own information that can now or later can contribute to the huge market place.

10.) David Langton (Marketing Mentor : My Mother)

You have to give time to your target audience. Understand their requirements first. If you can understand things from their point of view you can surely market the ideas yourself.

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Jake said...

I sincerely appreciate the information you passed along to us as readers in this post. I will use this and pass it along to other colleagues that want to promote and market themselves