Monday, February 23, 2009

Financial Crisis?? Oscars doesnt Care

No one will complain about the nip in the February air at Los Angeles, and why would they after all they were fortunate to see 81st Academy Awards there. People for the time being forgot that the larger part of United States has been recorded in Recession lately. Not a single person cared about the financial crisis this season, they cared only about one thing that is not to miss the golden opportunity to see splendid women entering the red carpet at Academy's.

At the Kodak Theatre, the stars were shining, the lights were glooming, everybody was waiting for the most auspecious ceremony of 2009, the Oscars. Neither Angelina Jolie cared about the recession nor Jessica Parker who was studded with gold armlet. Who says that we are in recession? I am sure after seeing the stars in gold studded ornaments nobody will actually believe this. Wether it is a credit crunch or a financial crisis, Oscars were still the same as it take place every year.

The whole of Kodak Theatre was shining, especially the dining area where it was served gold-coated chocolates for the stars. Can you believe this? Does these acts actually shows that we are passing by one of the most bad times of our lifetimes. "Obama's stimulus plan will work only if we spend more and more for the Oscars", uttered one of the crew members from behind. This is for you dear President. People are really respecting your words.

The makeover for the evening was handled by David Rockwell who charged 6 billion dollars for decorating the entire Kodak Theatre. That is unbelievable. The theme was decided to be kept as blue. But it was not actually something very simple, rather very unimaginary with 92,000 Swarovski Crystals shining the entire evening. Are we really in recession??

Coming to the special gifts for all the nominees of the night. The range of watches starting from $ 8000 going upto $ 14000 per nominated celebrity. The stars would have something better to do rather posing infront of media with those watches. Other gifts included holiday packages worth $ 15,000, diamond facials etc.

Only at one place the cost cutting was seen, and that was at the Oscar parties organised by Chateau Marmont and the Vanity Fair group. It has been reportedly found that each and every advertisers for the evening has paid the organisers a sum of $1.4m for 30 seconds advertisement. Oh my god ! this is like waaaaaoooo. But I was happy that my favourite movie won the Oscars, none other than, The Slumdog Millionaire. :)

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