Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Be Your Own Wedding Planner

Wedding is a dream for everyone, no matter a guy or a girl. But the question that I want to raise today is that can you really afford your wedding? I am sure none of us would like to convert that wonderful night into a nightmare. So, for this reason it is very important to make a plan of your wedding in advance, hence make out a wedding budget that suits yours as well as your partner's requirements.

Surveys show that there are less than a forth couples who actually saves any amount of money than expected. Weddings today can cost around $ 20, 000 to $ 35, 000 including all the decoration and reception charges, of course excluding the honeymoon. So, it is very difficult to keep a track of all these expenses on a special day. One of my friend's mom is a wedding planner. So, it just gave me an idea to visit her on the weekends and capture some special tips on planning a wedding. As I have always shared everything with my readers, I would like to share this too.

1st Step: Save more and more. I hope everyone is aware of Certificate of Deposits, which always offers higher returns on investments. The advantage will be in the preceding months of your wedding you will able to accumulate good income with those rate of interests which might be of great help to you during your honeymoon. :)

2nd Step: Always take help of a Financial Advisers. Bank of America offer free services to couples regarding wedding planning. budgeting and savings. Inquire about home loans, credit scores, equity lines of Credit that can always help to overcome your wedding expenses.

3rd Step: Always set a budget that looks realistic and original. Keep in mind of extra costs that you might incur during the wedding season. Don't even try to exceed your expectations once the budget is planned. Stick to it.

4th Step: Never fall in the traps of Bad Debt. With this I mean that if you want you can pay few bills before the wedding date. Any person providing wedding services will expect an advance payment of some amount. In this way the wedding planner will do your work with more interest. And you will easily escape the burden of extra debt.

My personal suggestion: I would like to add to what Mrs. Goldsberg mentioned above. That is the wedding couples should always have a good bonding among each other. They should understand each others income and expenses. Always discuss the financial issues with each other to make a marriage more successful in future. Secondly, don't even think of withdrawing money from your 401k plan as you might have to pay a penalty of 11% for withdrawing that money.

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