Thursday, November 20, 2008

It can Make as well as Break You

There is a wrong belief in the minds of people that stock market is a machine by which loads and loads of money can be earned in fraction of seconds. People are actually eking out livings from the stock market. Investors today who have already gained lots of advantages from blue chips look smug and complacent. First time investors often wait for the day when they will also become rich like their counterparts and the new entrants are in a hurry to make it a big someday in the world of share market.

Every tom dick and Harry is aware of the market conditions today. Everyone seems to be making money. People often think if he can do it why not me. If Sam can make out thousands by just investing fifty thousand then there is nothing difficult for me. I will invest one lakh. This is the mind set of new entrants in this stock market business.

This is like beginners buy a book but he forgets to read the disclaimer. They listen to the tips but few tips tip the scale. Technical has nothing to do with engineering, polytechnic or even technology. This is movement in the market and everyone becomes an expert.

Then comes the real fun, all these technical aspects go for a toss. Market never had any tops and now they wont have any bottoms too. Each days of the week starts to be as troubled Monday or black Tuesday or woeful Wednesday. This is a den of Stock Market.

It’s nothing but like a pied piper luring the children by the magic flute. Whose fault is it? Share markets? Or yours? Ask yourself. The stock market is not a business proposition; it is a long term growth strategy. It is not a gambling den, but participation in economy of the country. This is not a place where you can double your money in a minute. Keep doubling your money in the next minute and multiplying it in subsequent hours, days and months. Does loads of research, strategies, have patience, perseverance, equanimity of mind and skill. The day you are able to achieve this that day you will the boss of share market.

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