Thursday, August 25, 2011

How A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help an Accident Victim?

A personal injury lawyer helps an aggrieved or affected person to get fair compensation for the injury provided that the person was not responsible for the said accident. Let us have a quick look on how a personal lawyer helps an accident victim.

First meeting

The process begins with an interview. The lawyer educates the client about different aspects of the claim procedure. During this time the client provides records related to the accident for substantiating the claim. This may include crash report, bills and medical reports. Lawyer inspects the automobile policy or any other insurance policy that may be available for recovering damages of the client.

Initiating Investigation

Next step is initiating the investigation procedure. In this stage the lawyer gathers physical evidences, statements of witnesses, diagrams and analyzes the legal issue pertaining to the claim. Medical records are reviewed and the concerned medical professionals are consulted to assess the extent of the injury suffered by the client. Specific reports from medical professionals on some critical issues may be deemed necessary for substantiating the claim of compensation.


Filing of several forms related to a claim is crucial for its smooth settlement. A personal injury lawyer is experienced to file necessary forms. It is duty of the lawyer to find out about the liens that may be asserted with the claim settlement process. The lawyer gets in touch with the insurance company and discusses the requirements to speed up the settlement process. Negotiation may start at this stage with the representative of insurance company and lawyer of the client. The client may be consulted while deciding whether to negotiate or file a law suit.

Filing lawsuit

When the client and the lawyer feel that a lawsuit is inevitable, the lawyer is entrusted for preparing the draft and filing it in appropriate forum. The lawyer also investigates to locate the defendant of the lawsuit for serving summons as required by the law. A personal injury lawyer prepares draft written questions for gathering information from the other side (interrogatories). It is also desirable to train the client properly to face deposition. The personal injury lawyer conducts deposition of the defendants and other witnesses.

Expert guidance

Role of medical experts is very crucial in claims related to personal injury. As such, the lawyer having expertise in this field is expected to have proficiency in several clinical parameters and their implications. The lawyer should have experience to take deposition of different professionals as well as medical experts. As custodian of all claim related documents of the client, the lawyer produces them whenever required by the court or settling authorities. This may range from medical bills to crash report and tax return.

Organizing evidences

Organizing documents, preparing exhibits, clients and witnesses for deposition are some vital duties performed by lawyers dealing with injury claim. There are instances where client may need help of experts from different fields for supporting the claim. Personal injury lawyer hires experts for supporting claim of the client. All necessary documents related to the claim are presented to the judge by the lawyer. This includes list of witness, trial readiness and pretrial activities.

Settling the deal

As the case develops, the injury lawyer researches the issues and complexities that may develop during the trial and comes up with new strategies to tackle the defendants reasoning. When final verdict is delivered the injury lawyer studies and discusses it with the client. The verdict is either accepted or an appeal is planned. For accepted verdict, the lawyer ensures that the client gets the awarded compensation within a specified time.

Claiming compensation is a legal process that needs professional guidance. Personal injury lawyers are experienced to work out details of cases related to wrongful death, medical malpractice, fall and slip and accidents arising out of vehicles.

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