Sunday, November 21, 2010

Black Friday, Now A Plague for many Shoppers

As far as I remember, black Friday has always been considered as a day for which all shoppers eagerly wait. But there are few others who are now considering it to be a plague day. So, the question which arises is,
"Do we really need to shop on Black Friday day? Is it really worth it?"
Many would believe it isn't the worth stress because they need to rush to find out the items, waiting in long queues and many standing outside in the cold waiting for the shops and stores to open. People consider this as a buy or die week. I personally do not find any reason for this statement. I myself have never shopped after the thanksgiving. I always wonder how people can be so brave to fight over the limited parkings spots and try to avoid being trampled upon each other in the queue.

Why there is a need of doing such acts? Only to save some bucks. I would rather prefer paying to avoid crowds, parking inconvenience and waiting for hours.

Time is money, isn't it? No wonder, I am blogger here rather participating in the buying frenzy week. I have noticed that in recent years, there has been a decline in sales as well as shoppers. Why? Now days internet offers various saving schemes. You can actually enjoy shopping online sitting at home any day of the year, though others consider this as a thrill of the hunt. There are many people who do not own any computer or internet facilities but enjoy going to stores seeking bargains.

Which is more preferable? Shopping online or Black Friday Shopping?.

I just asked a random person outside the store that what would she prefer; shopping online or shopping at the various department stores and she commented,

"I simply love going to the stores. I can actually see the product live there before spending any bucks. I love to see various collection of clothes, accessories, household goods etc."

Maybe many women would agree to this but Black Friday is not at all a day to browse and touch the products before you buy and visit various department store to determine what's new!!

In fact, any one who is shopping all the year round has a pretty good idea of what each department store has in stock. There is nothing special to display on Black Friday except massive crowd and an excessive rush to obtain an item that might be on sale after two hours.

A personal Tip from experienced shoppers on Black Friday

"Please do not carry any cash with you. Instead use your debit card. If in case you do not have a debit card also, then go to store you plan to visit on Black Friday a week before and purchase gift cards from there. This will also help you to stick within your budget and is much safer than carrying cash at the stores."

Check ahead of time if you need to buy any specific item that might be on sale at the store but not online. Set a budget and try to stick on it. Once you have decided which sale you want to go for and what you want to actually purchase, decide things which are within your budget. The sale during Black Friday may be great, but obviously you don't want to be paying for that new item until next year or maybe more than that.

As for me, I always finish my Christmas shopping by the end of October.

Do you shop on Black Friday? Do let me know with your comments on this post.

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