Friday, February 26, 2010

Money is something for which you trade your life energy

Have you ever wondered when are you going to die? Sounds strange, Isn't it? Today I visited one of the site which actually predicted my year, month and day of death. Though I never believe in these things still just for fun I wanted to see how many more days I am alive. How can a website estimate how much life you have left. That is not at all possible.

But the question is what this have to do with personal finance? It is actually very much related because that can help us in revealing what we think of our money?

What is Money according to u? As per me it is :

A medium or an exchange involved for the payments of your debts. Money is power, it is a source of luxurious living, a source of comfort and security. The best definition that I have come a crossed about money is : "Money is Something for which you trade your life energy"

Give a deep thought on this. Majority of people in this world get money by giving up some part of our lives. Just imagine you go for work, work hard, earn some money and by this time your death clock is ticking down. No doubt when you are young, you are more energetic and can convert some of this excess into money. But the saddest part is that it only a conversion not a storehouse.

Our life is traded for money and once it is done, it cannot be changed back to original. The only goal that would left with us would be of striking a balance to convert the sufficient life energy into the money that you will need for enjoying rest of your life.

Cost Counting

To apply this principle you need to find out your hourly wage. This will help you in providing the information on how much your life energy is actually worth of. This is how you will be able to measure the cost of money spent equivalent of value of life energy lost. Why not you try some eye opening conversions i.e. take general examples from your daily life. Like:

Calculate how much energy do you spend at your work? Check if you spend less energy and still you can be happy or not? how much energy you are using to buy any new things for your family and many more such examples.

I am not saying that you should never spend money, but you should find a point where you are spending more and still being happy and joyful. You have to learn to say " I have enough and I dont need more... ".

So always remember that when ever next time you spend enough money do nos forget to ask yourself how many hours all these purchases costing you, not only this, is it really worth or not? Do come back and share your views with us.

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Conrad said...

I still believe budgeting is a way to help relieve stress and live a healthier lifestyle. It helps to relieve stress by not letting you spend beyond your means. It also prevents unnecessary spending on items such as cigarettes and junk food which will help you live better. Money doesn't have to be a burden if you use it wisely.

Thanks for the post!