Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nine Credit Card Safety Tips

I hope all of you are holding credit cards. Here are some points which are very much important for all credit card holders, so spare your valuable time to read them and save your credit card from all unexpected incidents:


1) Keep all your important documents like credit cards, passports and bank statements etc. in a secured and locked place.

2) Note down all your credit cards, bank account numbers and related phone numbers in your small personal notebook, so that you can inform immediately in case of your credit card loss or theft.

3) Try using one credit card, if necessary then you can use one for your business purpose and one for personal use, also keep checking your both accounts weekly.

4) Write the "Check ID" instead of signing on your credit cards.

5) Avoid giving out any sensitive information like pin no., password, account no., SSN through email. For this purpose directly drop in the website. Also do not give out your Drivers License Number and Date Of Birth until it is necessary.

6) Use secured and locked mail boxes while sending or receiving mails.

7) Never use a debit card or Visa/Master Check card, since recovering deceitful accessed funds from these accounts can be extremely troublesome.

8) You should limit your checks information to your first initial, last name and address, not more than that.

9) Note down these 3 websites,, and visit for details about establishing and to report initial fraud alerts on your credit reports.

I would like all my readers to view this funny commercial on Credit Cards:

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