Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Good or Bad - Payday loan

good or bad payday loan
I know its helpful when it solves your immediate financial problems. It helps you to pay all your necessary due bills and keep you tension free.

But there are some negative faces which discourage people to get into the payday loan deal.

If you have already taken a loan and not able to pay in time then get ready for calls, anytime and anywhere (home, job, friends, relatives). Gosssshhhhh..... after you die, may be you would be receiving in heaven or hell. Just joking the last one man. This is the most acute problems have been faced by the debtors.

Yeh, I have seen people have overpaid and asking them for refund but very rarely get response and return back the extra amount.

If you have paid in full but not showing as paid in full, then you have to work a little hard to make it as paid in full.

I think you would be surprised receiving calls for the payment which you have not taken and enjoyed in your life. Yeh, that's true. This sort of problems people are facing. They have no idea, how they are getting into this mess.

Eating up your paychecks without your knowledge.

All above mentioned facts is enough to keep you wake-up all day and all night. So, you can understand the trouble of taking payday loan.

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payday loans said...

I wanted to mention that payday loans are much cheaper than paying bounced check and overdraft fees that credit unions and other financial institutions charge. I read in the Wall Street Journal that credit unions get the majority of their wealth from expensive overdraft and bounced check fees. Payday loans are a great choice if you are facing those kinds of fees.